are bearded dragons good pets

Are Bearded Dragons Good Pets?

Bearded Dragons have constantly raised their popularity in the whole world. Even more shocking, this particular lizard is commonly sought over as a reptile pet in the US and UK. But why is such a pet lizard so popular? are bearded dragons good pets? well, there are always some reasons and explanations behind its popularity. As a great lizard pet, here is some further information regarding why it is gaining popularity as the best pet.

Reason Why The Bearded Dragons Are Good Pets

Easy To Care

Many people are quite skeptical when faced with a unique animal, such as bearded dragons as a pet. Uncommon traits and care are mostly the biggest challenges. However, Beardie is a great pet animal for children and adults. The main reason is due to the little care it needs. In this case, all you need is to install the right UVB and temperature setup on its captive. With that, you already cover the basic necessity for this particular pet.

Regarding diet and health, they are also not a very demanding type. Keeping them hydrated and keep their tank clean is the most you should do. About the food, they got quite a vast diet that most of the time is easy to find. Insects and some pallets are commonly used. Then, you can also keep an eye on the dragons’ mood and health by providing enough food, drinks, a great vivarium, enough foliage, and nesting for this unique pet animal.

Mild And Calm Behavior

If you compare it with a dog or cat, you will see the complete difference in behavior. When the mammals are very active, the dragons are mainly very calm and meek animals. Their behavior tends to be very passive. With this kind of personality, bearded dragons are great or kids. They won’t move around, are easy to handle, and have a good temperament. At some point, they might run around the cage when you late feeding them.

Always Be Different

Especially if you are looking for a unique pet, you won’t get disappointed with the individuality of this lizard. Every pet dragon will never be the same. You can spot and see the difference from one of another. Whether it is their appearance (patterns and colors) to their personality. You will see one with small dotted lines, pinkish color, or those who mainly sleep throughout the days.

Not A Big Pet

Bearded Dragon’s maximum size is only around 22 – 25 inches with a very lightweight (18 ounces), which means they got a great size to fit into your room. The 75-gallon bearded dragon tank is enough to captives adult bearded dragons, so you don’t need to pay for a bigger cage.

While they can fit such a space, this pet is also big enough to be handled by children. With its size, you can bring them to go around the home or walk outside and enjoy the fresh air and sunlight.


When handled correctly and with care, the bearded dragons’ lifespan is quite long. Based on the research, the average age of the Beardie is 8-12 years. If you got a chance to raise them through their juvenile stage, it would be a great experience in your whole life.

This exotic pet animal is mostly available to adapt when it reaches the age of 3 – 4 months. So you can take care of them for a long time. To take a bearded dragon to live long, you have to provide good housing, proper temperature, and a balanced diet.

Bearded Dragons Are Best Pet Lizards For Beginners

From the numerous pet lizard, Beardies are the best for beginners. they are easy maintenance. You don’t need to be scared of raising Bearded dragons. Due to its average body size, this exotic pet has a stronger body build, tougher scales, and better resistance than some other pet lizards. Make it durable to fight temperature changes and the environment.

They are also mostly calm and have a meek temperament. This means you won’t struggle to held and handle them. Worth noting that, compared to other lizard beardies are quite a foodie. All of that is due to their size and growth spurt. In the juvenile stage, they will eat more than older. And the most fascinating reason is bearded dragons’ common health issues are very easy to prevent with a great diet and temperature setup.

Bearded Dragons Vs Leopard Gecko

How about the leopard gecko? Surprisingly, the geckos are also one of the best pet lizards for beginners. This pet is also one of the most common lizard pets sought over. Just like a bearded dragon, geckos have calm and docile personalities.

This pet also has a smaller figure, which means they need smaller enclosures. They eat less, are nocturnal beings (no need some UV setup), less stress (not easily get threatened and stress), and have a low health problem.

It can be said that Leopard Geckos are as good as the bearded dragons. With a familiar personality and temperament, it will be perfect for those who never raise any pet animal. So, are bearded dragons or the gecko is the good pets? One thing you should notice is Gecko has a shorter lifespan. Which is kind of unfortunate if you already fall in love and have to lose them. Thus, consider this aspect before you choose one of them.

Can Bearded Dragons Live Together?

Yes, you can let two bearded dragons live in the same captive. There is nothing that can hinder their live quality, as long as the groups are tiny and complemented with an adequate environment. Is means, there should be enough space, hiding spots, branches, necessities, and other stuff.

Avoid them live in a large group. All in all, living alone is the most optimal or the best option possible.

Why though? If you are interested in raising one, you should notice that the bearded dragon is a solitary animal. They love being alone and don’t crave any interaction. It is also worth noting that this particular pet with a calm demeanor can have intense territorial streaks.

This kind of behavior is mostly found in male dragons. On the other hand, the female ones might be okay with living together. Consider this before you let them live together.

Can Bearded Dragon And Cat / Dogs Friendly

As funny as it sounds, these three species will get along fine. Even though they all have different personalities and temperaments, they can be friendly to each other. However, it is wise to introduce them beforehand. In this introduction stage, it is better to keep your eyes on their interaction and be ready for some curious activities. For this reason, there are some important steps you should consider when introducing your pets. The Important Steps When Introducing Your Pets.

Never Leave Your Pets Unsupervised

Don’t ever leave your bearded dragon pet unsupervised together with other cat or dog pets. Anything can happen in the brink of time. Thus, you should be ready for anything that might happen. Whenever and wherever it is. Worth noting that the three pets are different species with different behavior. Even though they look accustomed to each other, instinct might kick in when they feel threatened.

Take The Introduction Stage Slow

In this case, you can let your cat or dog stare and observe your bearded dragon outside the captive. But you can also hold the Beardie tightly while allowing your other pet to sniff and get used to the new bearded dragons. With the possibilities of raising them alongside your other beloved furry friend (after they got used to each other). Beardie still the best lizard pet to choose from.

Always Watch The Sign Of Aggression

As you have to keep supervising your pets, you should be aware of any kind of aggression that might happen during the introduction phase. Just as said before, your pets are animals. Which will be driven with their instinct if they feel something bad or threatened. When your pets are interacting with each other, this is the right time to open your eyes. If a sign of aggression appears, then quickly separate your animals.

Buying Bearded Dragons Tips

You can buy them in the pet store. But before you buy, make sure the pet store is reliable, clean, and presents a healthy environment. Then check the enclosure. It should be in good shape, clean, well maintained, and food availability.

Lastly, observe the dragon itself. The dragon should be active, clean, have normal coloration, good appetite, etc. To make sure the dragon is healthy.

In many cases, this particular animal can be a great pet according to personal taste and preferences. If you like some easy to care and calm animal, this kind of pet is recommended.

The bearded dragon is also friendly with dogs or cats, which means a better possibility to let them stay in your home. With all that in mind, whether you are a beginner or pet lover, the bearded dragon is still the best pet to choose from.

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