What Is Bearded Dragon Tail Rot: How To Prevent and Treatment

If you ever considering taking a lizard pet for adoption, surely the first and probably the advised one is Bearded Dragon. This particular animal is known as the best pet, especially for beginners. As it has a calm temperament and easy to maintain. However, every pet has its quirks and health issues. Here, the Bearded Dragon tail rot is one of the serious think you should know. If you do want to get a Beardie, kindly check out this information beforehand.

What Is Tail Rot In Bearded Dragon?

Just as the name says, tail rot is a condition where your bearded dragon’s tail is rotting away. This condition is quite common, but it doesn’t mean it’s good. Instead, the decaying tail indicates that there is an internal infection.

When this condition was not attended well, the deteriorating rear will eventually fall off. However, if this happens the infection can spread up into the whole body. Damaging more and more internal organs.

Worth noting, that Bearded Dragon doesn’t cut their tail when they feel threatened like other lizards. This means if you see their rear fell off, then it is a symptom of the tail rot. One thing for sure, you can imagine how painful and uncomfortable it is when you got one of your body parts rotting away.

Bearded Dragon tail rot is the same. Your pet will feel extreme conditions that should have to be treated as fast as possible, to avoid the worst-case scenario – death.

So, how you indicate whether the rot is happening or not? the first thing you can notice is the color. The decaying tail will appear blackish and cold. The stiff rear will appear almost like a little branch that getting dry over time.

This is something you should know. When rotting is happening there won’t be any blood that comes to that area, which is why the part becomes lifeless. If you see this, then make sure to call your vet.

Bearded Dragon Tail Rot Or Shedding?

Worth noting that the two terms are a whole world different – a total opposite. Shedding is something that all Beardie should go through as a part of growing up. In this case, the body part will turn white – not black. They shed in pieces and regularly.

Bearded Dragon tail rot appears in black or brown color. Appears dry, seems to break easily, and looks very sickly.

What Causes Tail Rot In Bearded Dragon?

Talking about the causes, you got numerous answers. It can happen due to injuries, trauma, wrong shedding, cyst, abscess, stress, or mites that lead the dragon to bite its tail. All in all, the most prominent cause is injuries and trauma.

This can happen due to the broken tails, injuries, and constriction that cause blood loss and eventually necrosis. It might be because of falling from high structure or the tail stuck on doors or accessories.

The next main cause is bites that happened because of cage mates, bugs, or your dragon itself.

Housing more than one dragon in one captive can lead them to bite each other, so think about their captive beforehand. Your Beardie might also bite its tail due to stress, pain, or itch. Other than that, the bug that supposed to be the Dragon’s food might bite them in the tail.

The Bearded Dragon tail rot also hit when they develop a bump in its tail. Be careful, that little bump is a cyst or abscess that should be treated right away.

The last thing is due to the up normal shedding. This very likely occurs when the shedding skin gets stuck on the tail and stop the blood circulation. Or the other probability is they shedding skins are layered on top of each other, then cause the tail to rot. In this case, you should check when the shedding is on its way.

How To Prevent Tail Rot To Happen To Your Dragon?

The first thing you can consider to do is make sure the habitat and the diet are good. Make sure they got enough food and drink. Since you know that injuries can lead to decaying, then build the habitat that will prevent them from any damage.

You can also avoid housing two dragons at the same captive. It is mainly important when you raise baby dragons. They prone to bite each other tail due to mistaking it as a food source, thus Bearded Dragon tail rot will likely happen.

In this case, you should understand that separating them is the best option. It is also a great idea to keep your eyes when the bearded dragon starts shedding. Because of wrong shedding can lead to this problematic rot, you should do your best to help the peeling process.

Installing some substances, giving them a regular warm bath to help soften the shedding skin, or peel carefully the skin that looks almost fall off. Just make sure to not pick the skin forcefully, because it can harm them.

Bearded Dragon Tail Rot Treatment?

How to treat tail rot bearded dragon? Going to the vet is the best option and you should do ASAP. They will prescribe antibiotics to stop the infection or suggesting surgery. The option will lead to amputation. In this case, you can also give home remedies.

The advisable bearded dragon tail rot home remedy is using water-soaked betadine (doesn’t contain pain relief). Delude the remedies using a rule of thumb. Fill the 1 part with betadine and 3 parts with water. Then, sink the rotting parts in it for around 5 minutes.

All in all, every living creature in this world has a different health condition that affects the body function or appearance. In this case, your pet Bearded Dragon may have this tail rot condition that quite serious health problems.

When this particular problem occurs, you should move fast to get them treated. Otherwise, the rot can eventually spread to the whole body. Which later can lead to a death bed. So, be careful and make sure your pet is always okay.

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