Can Bearded Dragons Eat Arugula? Only Give Them Baby Arugula

Granted that as a Bearded Dragon keeper or owner, you want your lizard to be healthy and happy. In this case, you can make the captive as comfortable as possible and provide the right diet. Even though they bore the name “Dragon” but your Beardie is a delicate being. There are many foods you can give them, including Arugula. Wait! Can Bearded Dragons eat arugula? If you have this question, please check this article.

Arugula For Bearded Dragons Diet

What Is This Arugula? Many people think that Arugula is spinach, but that is a wrong belief. For humans, this green vegetable used to be found in your salad bowl. The Arugula itself also is known as rocket.

This veggie is a member of the mustard family; however, the taste is considering not as bitter as the mustard green. The raw arugula has a high calcium content, which is good for you and your beloved bearded dragon pet.

Only Give Them Baby Arugula

So, you should know that there is numerous version of Arugula. Understanding them is very important. Why? because they are very different from each other. At least there are three versions, the wild, baby, and mature arugula. Can bearded dragons eat arugula? Yes, but for a certain type of Arugula – not all arugula. It is advisable to only provide your Beardie the young Arugulas. All because it got a better taste and soft leaves.

This is one thing you should consider. Your dragon cannot eat something though, which is why baby Arugula is preferred. As the name implies, the baby Arugula has more delicate, flavorful, and smaller leaves. Which is a very great food for your lizard pet.

When compared to the wild Arugula, it tends to have a more pungent taste. While the mature one have more intense flavor of the peppery essences and have tougher leaves.

Not A Great Staple But Good On Occasional Basis

As you know you can bearded dragons eat arugula, doesn’t mean you can give them every day as a daily staple. Worth noting that your dragon has a very low water needs (2-3 teaspoons per day).

Giving them too much green will increase the dehydration rate faster. Thus limit giving this particular green to your Beardie. Consider giving it occasionally and mix them with other foods.

As explained before, the arugulas contain a high level of calcium. This is very good to help the bearded dragon’s growth and strengthen its bone structure. On the other hand, it does not only affect the hydration rate but also bad for their health.

To complete the answer of can bearded dragons eat arugula, some experienced keepers that your dragon can have a hard time digesting it. Thus, chop it up before you serve the Arugula.

All in all, giving your Bearded Dragon young arugula is okay. However, considering that your dragon has a lower demand of water, giving them too much green can increase dehydration. It also includes giving them Arugula.

You can add this veggie as a mix with other staples, such as fruits and insects. But at the same time, consider giving them this vegetable only on an occasional basis.

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