Can Bearded Dragons Eat Asparagus?

A bearded dragon is a reptile that can be a pet in daily life. It may be rare to hear, but have you ever know about what do they eat? If you want to have it as a pet, you must know how to feed them well. Among the vegetables, can Bearded Dragons eat asparagus? If you are looking for the answer, here are some points you need to know considering whether it is worth it to feed them asparagus or not.

Calcium Deficiency Problem Caused by Asparagus

Asparagus contains low calcium and it also contains a moderate amount of oxalates. Calcium works in the body by maintaining strong bones and other important functions.

Unfortunately, oxalates in asparagus work against calcium in the body. They can prevent calcium from being absorbed and used by the body.

This condition leads to calcium deficiency that can be harmful to Beardie’s health.

Don’t Use Asparagus as Bearded Dragons’ Diet Menu

But can Bearded Dragons eat asparagus as their diet meal? Healthy Bearded Dragons can eat asparagus safely. But overweighted Bearded Dragons or just health maintaining-needed pet lizard, you better not to offer this sparrow grass as a dietary food.

Why? Because asparagus contains low calcium. Calciums are needed for Bearded Dragon’s diet to prevent abnormal cell function that leads to weak bones and teeth.

Make Sure to Chop Up the Asparagus Before You Serve It

Some reptiles usually don’t need to eat their food in small shapes, but Bearded Dragons are different. They have kind of small-moderate mouth type and mostly have small bodies that limit their intake.

Can Bearded Dragons eat asparagus with such characteristics? Chop the asparagus and mix it with other vegetables just like a salad. Mix it with fruits and insects to makes balanced diets.

Asparagus Contains Good Protein and Minerals

As a vegetable, asparagus contains a lot of nutrition. Some of them are dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, mineral, iron, phosphorus, calcium, and protein. The highest amount of nutrition in asparagus is protein.

Protein is beneficial for Beardie’s body because it helps bone development and strengthens their body’s tissue. Vitamin A is an important complement for Bearded Dragon’s eyes health.

The Protein Value in Asparagus

If asparagus can not be used as dietary food because of the low amount of calcium, then can Bearded Dragons eat asparagus for its protein? Take a note! The protein is about 2,2 grams, it is such a large amount of protein in a vegetable.

You can give it to Bearded Dragons, but not too much because it is acidic. Acid and alkali need to be in the same amount to have a balance electrolyte fluid in the body.

In conclusion, it is safe to feed Bearded Dragons with asparagus once in 2-4 weeks in a small portion as recommended by the expert.

There may be a good and bad effect depends on how you use it as Bearded Dragons food. You may choose to feed your Bearded Dragons with other vegetables which are more nutritious than asparagus, just in case to avoid the bad effects such as calcium deficiency problem.

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