Can Bearded Dragons Eat Avocado

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Avocado? Who Say Its Bad?

Talking about Bearded Dragon, you may find it cute, adorable, and easy to maintain. Even the vet states that this gentle dragon is one of the best pets for a beginner. Indeed, they are meek and good pets. But, their diet can be quite hard to adjust to or understand. If you see a ripe avocado, you may wonder can bearded dragons eat avocado because you want to share the fruit. No, you can’t and your dragon should not take this fruit at all. Here is an explanation for you.

A Big No For This Fruit

Whether you are a newbie or not, one thing you should know is what your pet can and cannot eat. For the bearded dragon, in particular, Avocado is a big No. Which means they should not consume this fruit at all.

You should never offer or share any kind of avocado and any kind of food with a high amount of oxalic acid. Your Pet lizard may not pass away immediately, but constant consumption can lead to worse health issues and death.

The Reason Why It Is A Bad Meal Choice

Can bearded dragons eat avocado even just a little? No, not at all. Even just a small amount of this fruit could make your lizard pet feel sick. Many fruits are okay, but why avocado is no? The main reason is the high oxalic acid value in this meaty fruit.

Oxalic acid can bind numerous minerals and prevent them to get absorbed. In this case, this can be very dangerous for your bearded dragon because they can’t get enough minerals and calcium in their body.

Other than that, this binding can happen in your bearded dragon kidneys and colon. Making them have numerous digestion problems and issues with their urinary tract. In the case of Bearded Dragon, calcium is one thing they need the most.

This makes the can bearded dragons eat avocado answer is very clear.  They use it to support their growing phase and avoid any kind of malicious bone disease. Especially for the young and juvenile dragons that have rapid growth.

The Health Issues That May Follow Because Of The Lack Of Calcium

If they can’t absorb calcium, then they are prone to many health issues. The lack of calcium or known as calcium imbalance can be seen from some symptoms.  Some of them are shaking or twitching limbs, lethargic, fracturing bones, paralyzed, etc.

If the problem persists, the worst possible health issues will be bone damage, discomfort, pain, and the worse dying. So, the can bearded dragons eat avocado answer is no. And that is better to know before you do mistakes that harm your pet.

You can underline the word “avocado is BAD for Bearded Dragon.” As said before, bearded should not eat this particular fruit to avoid any kind of health issues in the future. There are tons of reasons why they have to avoid it.

Avocado contains high oxalate that can disrupt calcium and any other mineral absorption. On the other hand, your Dragon needs calcium and mineral the most. So, make sure to avoid and only offer other nutritious food for the dragons.

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