Can Bearded Dragons Eat Banana

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bananas in Large Portion?

If you are a newbie Bearded Dragons owner, you may not know what should do and should not do, what to feed your pet, and what for your pet. If you want to look for an alternative snack for your dragons, you may think can Bearded Dragons eat Bananas? Here is the answer! Don’t worry. You come to the right place. Beardie, their nickname, can eat everything. Here are the explanations about Bananas!

Give BananasĀ in Small Amount

Not all pet owners are sure and want to feed their Bearded Dragons banana because they don’t know the right proportion. It should be in a small amount.

Why? Because it has a high quantity of sugar, especially when already over ripen.

The sweetness is not good for animals, including this pet lizard. The experts recommended giving bananas only once or twice a month.

Bearded Dragons Snack

Did you think that all bananas can be given to this spiny pouched chin lizard? The answer is NO. What kind of criteria can Bearded Dragons eat bananas? This is the key.

  • First, the banana must be fresh and raw.
  • Second, peel off the banana’s skin so they can eat it easily.
  • Third, throw away the banana as soon as possible when it is left to over ripen. Because the longest banana ripens, the higher sugar will be on it.

Bananas Nutrition for Bone and Body

Nutrition in food is necessary because it makes the body healthy and improves energy. But, did you know banana’s nutrition value? 100 gr banana contains 5 mg calcium, 27 gr magnesium, 22 mg phosphorus, and mineral.

Calcium is good for bone and teeth. Magnesium also can form bone structure. Mineral work to maintain the body’s tissue health. If it has that much nutrition, can Bearded Dragons eat Bananas? Yes.

Large Portion of Banana can be Caused MDB

Pet lover, one problem will happen if you give too many bananas for your Bearded Dragons. Besides high sugar, bananas also have high phosphorus.

Phosphorus is a chemical element that can bind calcium. If calcium binds with phosphorus, then your body will be lack calcium and weaken the bones.

Weak bones can cause metabolic bone disease which is not good for Bearded Dragons.

Mix Banana with Other Foods

Mix Banana with Other Fruits or Vegetables also Possible for Beardie’s Food. Bored to just feed your pet with only one fruit? Do you want to try another option? Great, you can do it sometimes. This tan-yellow-colored pet lizard can eat mixed food (insects, vegetables, and fruits).

So, can bearded dragons eat bananas mixed with other food? Yes. You can mix bananas with apples, don’t forget to chop them up because of Beardie’s characteristic, smallmouth with a small body.

Now, you understand that Bearded Dragons can eat bananas but only in small portions, once or twice a month for the specific. Remember, if you want to mix bananas with other fruits, make sure to peel off the fruit’s skin and chop them up into small shapes. This is your pet, so the choice is in your hand. Please choose the best food for your pet so it can be healthy.

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