Can Bearded Dragons Eat Bell Peppers? Red, Green, Yellow?

Are you wondering another menu for your Beardie? Bearded Dragons are omnivores. They can eat live insects, vegetables, and fruits. Sometimes, you may run out of their foods and decided to give them anything from your pantry. Then, can Bearded Dragons eat bell peppers if you just have it? Please read this information below carefully to avoid misunderstanding.

Bell Peppers Contain Rich Vitamin and Mineral

Bell peppers also called sweet pepper or capsicums. It is a fruit that contains a lot of nutrition such as minerals, vitamins, and other plants’ compounds. Vitamin C is good for the immune system and wound healing. Vitamin A can maintain the Beardie’s vision. Mineral also plays a role in the bones and teeth health. These elements can be a part of Bearded Dragon’s diet.

Mixed Bell Peppers with Green Leaf to Make a Perfect Salad

As this cold-blooded pet lizard loves to eat vegetables, you can make a creative menu such a salad. You need to chop all the ingredients up into small pieces. Then, can Bearded Dragons eat bell peppers only? Yes. They might eat it first as a dessert on their food bowl even the bell peppers are there as a topping on top of the vegetables. Please remind me to keep a moderate amount of it.

Antioxidant Effect to Eliminates Free-Radical in Bell Peppers

Do you know the antioxidant? Yes, it is a compound that inhibits oxidation. An antioxidant works to protect the body’s cells from damage because of the free-radical. Free-radical is a chemical substance that naturally produced when the metabolism process is running on the body. The abundant antioxidant in ripe bell peppers is carotenoids. This is a good element for Beardie’s health.

Serve Bell Peppers in Any Colors Can be An Option

Can Bearded Dragons eat bell peppers in all colors? Yes. They can eat red, green, or yellow bell peppers, but the red one is more preferred. Don’t forget to differentiate this bell peppers with other pepper types. Because this one is sweet rather than hot as they display a simple-recessive trait that prevents capsaicin’s production. The bell peppers aren’t hot, so there is no threat to Beardie’s health.

Low Amount of Calcium for Bearded Dragon’s Regular Basis Nutrition

Unfortunately, bell peppers have low calcium. That is why it can not be the main food for Beardies. There is only 7 mg calcium on 100 gr bell peppers. It is a small amount for a regular basis, compared to other fruit or modest green such as kale. It can cause calcium deficiency. Then, can Bearded Dragons eat bell peppers with this situation? Yes. Give them more calcium from other foods to make a balanced diet.

You can be sure to serve bell peppers your little pet lizard. There are many Beardie’s owners that like to give this bell peppers to their dragons, especially the red one. Once again, do not mistake bell peppers for hot or chili peppers just because they are a close relative. A tip to choose only ripe bell peppers because the unripe one has a slightly bitter flavor.

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