Can Bearded Dragons Eat Blackberries

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Blackberries?

Worth noting that your Bearded Dragon is an omnivore who can eat almost any kind of food. From the fruit, veggies, and bugs, most likely your Beardie will enjoy it. However, the most frequently asked question about them is whether they can eat or should avoid certain food. One of the queries is the can bearded dragons eat blackberries? If you are looking for the answer, you come to the right article. Here is what you should know.

Yes, Bearded Dragons Can Eat Blackberries

Blackberries are listed as an okay fruit for bearded dragons. Worth noting that not all fruit or veggies that appear harmless for you will be great food for your lizard pet. At some point, some food may contain some toxic effects for your bearded dragon. So, it is better to find out the related information before you give the food.

Fortunately, this darks tiny fruit is safe, non-toxic, and you can add this fruit with any other food for your dragon.

Can bearded dragons eat blackberries safely and get benefit from it? Thus, let’s move on about the benefit they may get from eating this fruit. Based on the U.S Department of Agriculture (USDA) data, the blackberries have a safe range of calcium to phosphorous ratio (1:1). The calcium content is quite high which is good for their bone.

This calcium contains is the most important nutrition that your bearded dragon needs. This mineral will be needed to support bone development and avoid any bone disease.

Another thing to notice is the high water content from this fruit. With the amount of 88.15g per 100-gram blackberries, the water content will help hydrate them.

Not For Daily Consumption

This is the thing you should notice as well. Just because they can eat them, doesn’t mean you can offer the food every day. Vet and experts explain that the right amount will be around once a month.

Keep the portion small and use it only as some salad toppers, not as a main dish. It is because the fruit has quite a high sugar level that can damage your dragon’s teeth and cause diarrhea. It also has a low nutritional value.

Preparing The Blackberries

If you want to give them blackberries, make sure the fruit is fresh and organic if possible. It is recommended to ensure the fruit is clean and safe, so wash it clean beforehand.

Then, you also have to chop the fruit into small pieces. This is very necessary to avoid any kind of possible choking hazard. And lastly, mix the fruit with any other food.

Just like any other fruits you can find safety for the bearded dragons, Blackberries are good for your bearded dragons but not for a daily intake. The main reason is that most of the fruit has high sugar content in it.

At the same time, its nutritional value is considered low in general. This is including the sweet and sour blackberries.

Your dragon may love the fruit, but due to the content and possible health concern, you should feed it around once a month.

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