Can Bearded Dragons Eat Blueberries

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Blueberries? is Healthy Fruit?

Do you have bearded dragons in your home as your pet? or just interest in them? or are you in the middle of looking for what is a good snack for your Beardie? or are you thinking about having blueberries as the alternative? Can Bearded Dragons eat blueberries? Great, you come to the right place. The information below is what you need to try something new for your pet lizard’s new menu.

Give Blueberries in Moderate Amount

When the experts allow you to give blueberries to your pet lizard, it doesn’t mean you can give it to them every day. They said only give it occasionally because Bearded Dragons only have 10-20 percentage plant-based food. They are mostly eating vegetables. Why only in a moderate amount? Because even though blueberries contain a lot of nutritions, they also quite sweet (high-sugar food).

Healthy Fruit for Bearded Dragons

Then, can bearded dragons eat blueberries? Yes. Blueberries are low in calories but still tasty. This small rounded fruit is beneficial for health. Blueberries contain about 85% water, fiber, vitamin C, vitamin K, manganese, and a few other nutrients. This flowering shrub plant that produces berries is known for its high antioxidant. It can protect your body from free radicals that cause body’s cell damage.

High Sugar Caused Some Health Problems

As you know in point two, blueberries have been known as high-sugar fruit. If there is too much sugar in Beardie’s body, it can cause many health problems such as tooth decay because of plaque and dehydration. Same as a human, Beardie also can be obese and lethargic due to high sugar uptake. Then, can Bearded Dragons eat blueberries with such a condition? Yes, but always in a moderate amount.

Moderate-High Oxalates in Blueberries

Besides high sugar, blueberries also have a moderate-high amount of oxalates. Oxalate is one of the chemical elements that work contradictory with calcium. It prevents calcium to be absorbed by the body, this condition can cause calcium deficiency. If the body is already in a calcium deficiency state and has minimum calcium intake, it will cause health problems such as metabolic bone disease.

Make Sure to Wash Before You Serve It

Just like a human, reptiles also need hygienists, including food’s hygiene. Remember to always wash it because this lovely lizard can only eat fresh washed blueberries. Do not forget, not only washed but blueberries also can not be frozen because they can contain preservative pesticides which are not good for your Bearded Dragon’s Health.

In conclusion, bearded dragons can eat blueberries. Take a note! Only with these conditions,

  • First, the blueberries must be served in a moderate amount.
  • Second, only use washed and unfrozen blueberries.
  • Third, just give it occasionally.

Please keep the blueberries minimum so we can prevent them from being a health problem. Besides that, don’t forget to give your Beardie some healthy greens to have balanced food.

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