Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cantaloupe? Good Treat Not A Daily Feed

Bearded Dragon owners often concerned with their pets’ diet. Granted that Beardie is not a picky eater, yet what they eat can either beneficial or bad for their body. In this case, many frequently asked questions are related to whether they can eat a particular food or not. In this matter, another important question is can bearded dragons eat cantaloupe at all? Yes, they can. But before you serve it, let’s take a look at the nutritional and its effects.

Nutritional Data Of Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe or known as rockmelon, honeydew, musk melon, or sweet melon is one of the popular fruits out there. Often eaten as a dessert or snack, the fruit is famous for its dewy and sweet taste.

For humans, at least the fruit is a great food intake. But is it safe for the bearded dragon? In this case, you should consider the fruit contain such as the calcium, water, protein, acidic, sugar, fat, fiber, and then the calcium and phosphorous ratio should be in ideal 1:1 or 2:1.

So, is it good and can bearded dragons eat cantaloupe safely? Yes, the orange flesh fruit is a good treat and your Bearded Dragon will mostly enjoy it. When the rate hit higher, then it is not good for your lizard pet.

Thankfully, this sweet treat contains high water content which is great to keep your beloved pet hydrated. It is also containing high Vitamin A and C, and have a fair amount of potassium. This round sweet fruit is great food, but it should only be a treat just like any other fruit.

A Good Treat Not A Daily Feed

Even though the fruit has a fair amount of potassium, excess consumption can lead to lower calcium uptake and may lead to more serious diseases. Wait! can bearded dragons eat cantaloupe without any problem? They can, but If you want to serve it, make sure you only serve a very small piece a week.

The fruit is also considered as quite acidic (2%) and has 1:2 calcium and prosperous ratio (disproportionate). This condition makes the fruit should be given in a very little portion.

Possible Health Issues

Keep monitoring your Bearded dragon’s condition as you serve this fruit for them. If you notice your Dragon isn’t going to the bathroom within 7 days, then you should stop giving this fruit.

Be careful! The overconsumption of this sweet and delicious fruit may lead to bowel movement problems and metabolic bone disease. As you know the answer to the can bearded dragons eat cantaloupe question, make sure to give it properly.

Avoid cantaloupe skin and slice it into smaller pieces.

It can be concluded that your Bearded Dragon can eat cantaloupe without any problem. However, it only applies if you keep it in small quantities or give it only as an occasional treat.

Even though the fruit is nutritious, has great water contains, sweet, and delicious, but serving it too much will likely lead to many health problems.

This is why you only need to give it in small pieces per week or consider not giving it at all if you notice health issues.

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