Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cauliflower? Leaves?

Bearded dragons are omnivores, yet they have quite a peculiar diet. While they can eat almost anything, but some food may contain toxic content that can harm your bearded dragon’s health. Thus, understanding what they can and what to avoid is very important. In this case, one of the frequently asked questions is the can bearded dragons eat cauliflower? Here is the answer for you.

Very Sparingly Food

The answer to your question will be Yes. But it should be in a very small amount and served very sparingly or rarely. If you want to serve it daily, then the answer will be a big No.

Many other foods have better content, nutritional value, and possibly less toxic for your bearded dragon.

Worth noting that the Cauliflower is not toxic whatsoever, but it has high water content, high Goitrogens, and phosphorous: calcium ratio.

If you ask if they really can or cannot, then it would be in a bare minimum amount. So how about can bearded dragons eat cauliflower greens? Most people throw this part away. But you will be surprised that for Beardie, the green is saver than the head.

The cauliflower leaves are very rich in iron and calcium. It also has sufficient minerals that your dragon needs, the calcium. Based on the data, the green has around 600mg calcium for 100g serving.

The Safe Amount Of Cauliflower

In case you want to serve the veggie to your bearded dragon, then make sure you got the right amount. Considering the nutritional value, many vets and expert owners will say that you should offer a very small quantity.

How much can bearded dragons eat cauliflower? Around 1 floweret or 13 grams once per month will be okay. That’s it, no less no more. It also means the veggie should not be a part of the daily ration of vegetables.

The Nutritional Value

Granted that many owners will ask this question since the cauliflower is a good veggie for humans. But unfortunately, it is not good food for your pet lizard. Some contents can lead to serious health problems. One of them is the Goitrogens compound.

The high exposure of this content can hinder the uptake of Iodine which is required by the thyroid gland. Without them, your bearded Dragon may suffer hypothyroidism or low metabolism.

Cauliflower also has high water content, which is up to 12g for every 13g serving. This is why the answer to can bearded dragons eat cauliflower question is a No.

Another thing you should be aware of is phosphorous to calcium ratio. The ratio of calcium amount should be at least equal or double than the phosphorous. But for the cauliflower, it is the opposite. This is very dangerous for Beardie’s growth and bone health.

All in all, Cauliflower is not the most ideal food your bearded dragon. There are numerous other foods that better and more nutritious than this vegetable. It contains high water, unbalanced calcium ration, and Goitrogens.

In case you want to offer it, then make sure it is only in a very small amount and serve it very rarely. If you consider this amount, most likely there won’t any harm to your lovely pet lizard.

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