Can Bearded Dragons Eat Celery For A Daily Staple?

The bearded dragon might be one of the best pets for beginners. But worth noting that this lizard pet has a peculiar diet. Some foods may or may not be healthy, in the worst-case scenario, the food might be very dangerous for their body. In this case, there are many questions related to what can and what can’t they eat. One frequently asked query is can bearded dragons eat celery? If you are looking for the answer, you come to the right place. Here is the info for you.

Bearded Dragon Can Eat Celery But…

Celery is one of the approved vegetables that a bearded dragon can eat. So you got the answer, yes your bearded dragon can eat celery safely and without any problem.

Celery is another veggie that has high water content. This food can be a great way to keep your bearded dragon hydrated.

However, worth noting that the particular stringy vegetable is best or accepted as part of a balanced diet. Not as a part of the daily staple.

Occasional Meal Consisting Celery

A bearded dragon can eat them, but you should offer it only as an occasional meal. Why? the main reason was due to the fact that celery doesn’t have high nutrient value. Thus, the veggie cannot be relied upon to provide valuable nutritional needs.

The most basic domesticated bearded dragon supplementation will be vitamin, mineral, and often calcium.

And unfortunately, the celery doesn’t have that supplement on its content. It is bad? No, it is not bad just, not enough. Based on the expert, giving celery for breaded dragon daily is okay.

However, it should be followed by other foods to balance the nutrient. Can bearded dragons eat celery for gut loading? Some owner or vet sometime use the celery for gut loading, although it is not common as the nutritional value is fairly low. Thus, giving celery should be monitored.

How To Prepare The Celery

Worth noting that your pet can easily be choked from their food. So, it is best to properly cut and serve the celery. In this case, make sure the particular veggie is in a raw, fresh, and washed state.

This stringy food can be a choking hazard, which can lead to chewing problems and unable to consume other food. So, you should roughly chop or slice the veggie into small pieces.

All in all, you should understand that your cute little lizard pet is quite a delicate creature. As they are known as omnivores, they can eat anything from bugs to vegetables.

However, this little reptile has a rather peculiar diet. Monitoring what they eat and how much the intake is very important to avoid any health issues. Including offering celery, which is only okay if the veggies are given in raw, fresh, and washed sparingly to balance out the lack of nutritional value, and don’t forget please monitor your pet for any health issue.

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