Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cherries

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cherries?

Bearded Dragons are omnivore reptiles. There are many options to make their food. You can mix live insects with vegetables, or vegetables with fruit. You may be wondering what kind of fruit that can be eaten by this small lizard. Can Bearded Dragons eat cherries as their food? Although cherries have a small size, is it still safe to eat? Find the answer below about cherries.

Cherry’s Nutrition as Bearded Dragon’s Food

There is 82% water, 7 mg vitamin C, 222 mg potassium, 12,82 gr sugar, 1,06 gr protein, 13 mg calcium, 21 mg phosphorus, and a little bit of vitamin A in 100 gr cherry. Vitamin C is good for the immune system.

Calcium is good for Beardie bones and teeth development. Protein regulates the body’s metabolism, including fluid balance. Those substances are very nutritious for this pet lizard.

High Amount of Sugar in Cherry

Cherries are one of the great treats for Beardie. But, can Bearded Dragons eat cherries often? No. Cherry is known as sweet fruit. It has a high amount of sugar, 12,82 gr in 100 gr cherry.

If they eat this red-rounded fruit too much, then their sugar level will increase. A large intake of saccharine can leads to health problems like diabetes and obesity. Please keep the sugar quantity in moderate.

Cherry’s Type That Can Be Eaten by Your Little Lizard

Do you think all the cherries can be eaten by Bearded dragons? No. Why? Because they only can eat fresh ripe cherries. Don’t serve cherry pits, leaves, and branches.

Avoid cherry blossom too because it is not food. It is a flower. Then, can Bearded Dragons eat cherries in a dried variety? No, because they have a higher sugar than the fresh ones.

Keep the canned cherry and juice away from Bearded Dragons.

Time to Serve Cherry to This Pet Lizard

If you want to try to feed your dragons some cherries, then you should know the right amount of it. For this tan-yellow colored lizard’s safety, please only treat them with cherries once or twice a month.

Also, try to add green leaves to their food bowl. Make a salad can be a good option to avoid harmful effects from this sweet fruit. Don’t forget to give it in a moderate amount.

Make Sure to Wash Cherry Before Serving

Can Bearded Dragons eat cherries without washing it? No. Washing fruit is a must to do before eating it. Because you don’t know if it is clean or not. So does this cherry. Please wash it well to make sure any dirt or chemical substances like pesticides are removed from its skin.

Because pesticides are poisonous material for this cold-blooded lizard. Also, ensure to get rid of the twig and the pit’s cherry.

In conclusion, Bearded Dragons can eat cherries.? Not canned or dried cherry, but the fresh and ripe ones. You can give it in a moderate amount once or twice a month.

Please wash it before serving. Even this soft-sweet fruit has a lot of nutrition, but you still need to be careful. Because of its high quantity of sugar. Make the cherries as a treat occasional basis to avoid digestive problems.

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