Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cilantro?

Bearded Dragons are flexible reptile when it comes to their food choices. Because of that, things get more difficult. You might think about giving them anything from your kitchen. You can’t do that. Thus, do you ever think about can Bearded Dragons eat cilantro for daily food? Let find out about it together, please read this article below for more explanation.

Cilantro’s Value for Bearded Dragon’s Health

Cilantro is one of the most familiar herbs in daily life. Most of its nutrients are water, 92% for the specific. It also has 27 mg vitamin C, 6748 IU vitamin A, 0,87 gr sugar, 67 mg calcium, and 48 mg phosphorus in 100 gr of fresh cilantro leaves.

The Ca:P ratio is quite good, it is only 1,4:1. As you can see, the amount of vitamin A is very high. Vitamin A is good nutrition to improves beardie vision.

Serve Cilantro in The Right Amount

Can Bearded Dragons eat cilantro daily? No. Similar to the other greens or fruits like asparagus or cherry, you can only serve cilantro to the dragons in a moderate portion. Please mix it with other vegetables too.

This Chinese parsley can not be a staple food for a beardie. Because there is the main menu that more needed than this treat. Too much cilantro is not recommended.

The Recommended Time to Give Bearded Dragons Cilantro

You can not serve this part of the Apiaceae family every time you want. Remember that is is only a treat for this little pet lizard. They can eat cilantro on an occasional basis.

What does occasionally mean? How often can Bearded Dragons eat cilantro? Please only use this “dhania” once or twice a month. It is considered as a safe measurement. Please don’t make any other tests.

Cilantro’s for Bearded Dragons

Get rid of an idea to give poor cilantro to your beloved dragons. Even if you don’t waste food, please just use it for other things. Cilantro needs to be in a fresh condition.

You can not use canned or cooked cilantro as these can lead to a health problem like digestive issues. Also, it needs to be properly washed to make sure there is no chemical substance like pesticides. Because it is toxic.

Way to Serve Cilantro to Bearded Dragons

Have you think about can Bearded Dragons eat cilantro in a whole package? If yes, please don’t be reckless to give this kind of threat to your dragons.

Do not serve cilantro as a whole. You need to clean and chop it into small pieces before serving it to this warm-lovers lizard. Leaving a rubber band on them stems to make the chopping easier also worth to try.

In conclusion, cilantro or Chinese parsley is safe and can be fed to Bearded Dragons. Because of its positive Ca:P ratio, you do not need to worry about metabolic bone disease caused by this leaf.

You just need to wash, chop, and make sure it is fresh cilantro when you serve it to the beardie. Mix it with other veggies will be much better than cilantro alone as a treatment for these dragons.

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