Can Bearded Dragons Eat Corn

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Corn? Cooked or Canned Corn?

Bearded Dragons or Beardies are some of the most famous pet lizards for reptile lovers. This omnivore reptile loves to eat everything, including vegetables and fruits. They can eat bell peppers, asparagus, etc. Commonly, they need to be fed fresh and raw food. Then, can Bearded Dragons eat corn considered it is a vegetable too? This article gives you an answer so check this out!

Beneficial Nutrition of Corn

Corn is considered both a cereal grain that replaces rice as a diet menu and vegetable. In 100 gr fresh corn contains 6,8 mg vitamin C, 2 mg calcium, and 6,26 gr sugar. Vitamin C is a fruitful substance that helps the body to improves the immune system and maintain Bearded Dragons health.

Calcium is also good for bones and teeth development as it is important for this pet lizard’s growth.

A portion of Corn that Is Safe for Your Beloved Beardie

Even corn is in the safe category of food for Bearded Dragons. But, can Bearded Dragons eat corn in a large amount like their main food? Sorry, the answer is a big NO. Although corn contains nutrition it is not necessary to give it every day as a staple food.

You only can feed any type of fresh corn in moderation and a limited portion, once in a month. Because the corn has a 1:45 for Ca:P ratio in 100 gr corn.

High Quantity of Phosphorus in Corn Can Causes Calcium Deficiency

As said before, this Zea mays L contains phosphorus 45 times outsize than calcium. This condition is a little bit dangerous for Bearded Dragons if their calcium intake is low.

Why? Because phosphorus prevents calcium from being absorbed by the body. Then, can Bearded Dragons eat corn with this harmful-risked condition? Yes, with one stipulation. Please keep the corn at a minimum and increase calcium intake.

Corns Criteria to be This Omnivore Dragons Food on Rare Occasions

Not all corn can be fed to these semi-arboreal dragons. Even they are not picky eaters, but you must be careful to choose the right corn. This yellow-colored grain that can be able to eat for beardie must be fresh and raw.

Do not pick the cooked ones or canned corn. Bearded Dragons can eat both sweet corn or corn on the cob as well. Remember to always serve it in a moderate portion occasionally.

Wash the Corn Before You Serve It

Can Bearded Dragons eat corn in grubby condition? Of course No. Because the grubby ones might not be healthy. It can contain chemicals substances such a pesticides. Those elements are harmful and can make beardie sick.

Don’t you want your pet lizard healthy every day? If yes, make sure to wash it before feeding your lovely dragons.

In conclusion, Bearded Dragons can eat either regular corn or sweet corn. The portion of corn must be in a moderate amount. You can only give it to beardie once a month.

Make sure to balance the calcium intake to avoid calcium deficiency. Also, please remember to wash the corn properly before serving. The last info, you can make the corn as a topping for your Dragon’s salad.

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