Can Bearded Dragons Eat Cucumbers? Skin and Seed?

Eating cucumber is good for humans because it is a source of vitamins and minerals and fiber. Sometimes, it commonly used for culinary dishes or juice, and people like this vegetable because it has low calorie and high levels of water. Not only for humans, but cucumber is also great for some animals. For reptile owners such as bearded dragons, you have tried giving a lot of food for your Beardie and it can be an option for feeding your pet. If you are wondering can bearded dragons eat cucumbers? This is your answer.

Cucumber Is Fine for Your Bearded Dragon

For feeding bearded dragons, there is some vegetable you can give. One of the options is feeding cucumber to them. Cucumber has some minerals and vitamins which can nourish your lovely pet. Also, vitamin C, K, magnesium, and manganese in cucumber are good for your beardie.

Plus, this vegetable contains much water which can help in hydrating for this animal. Since this vegetable is not very nutritious, you can feed cucumbers as the main diet for this reptile.

Remarkably, this bearded dragon doesn’t have much appetence in water. But cucumber can help in hydrating. Again, you still wonder can bearded dragons eat cucumbers? This long and fresh vegetable is also suitable for your animal because it is not too acidic.

The ratio of phosphorus to calcium in makes this cucumber does not have a sour taste. The less acid in cucumber means that it would not harm your dragon. Cucumber provides fiber which helps in your reptile’s digestion.

How to Server Cucumber for Your Bearded Dragon

You have to wash the cucumber because raw vegetables or fruits have dirt and any chemical used for pest control. Then, you should peel off the skin because it is not good for your bearded dragon. It is too hard to chew, even if you cut it into a piece.

Can bearded dragons eat cucumbers seed? They are not good for the breaded dragon. You must cut the cucumber into half or smaller and slice it again into thin size. The best time to giving this veggie is in the early morning.

Even though cucumber has useful vitamins and minerals, it does not mean that you can give this veggie as the main diet food for your dragon. Cucumber does not have essential nutrients such as calcium, and vitamin A.

You can feed cucumber only a few times in a month, once in a week is enough for your dragon.

This reptile should not get too much water, but cucumbers help in hydration. so can bearded dragons eat cucumbers? Yes, but in a very moderate amount.

If you still confused about whether bearded dragons can eat dragons or not? The conclusion is yes. You can feed this vegetable for your dragon, it can nourish and hydrate your lovely reptile. You must concern about how to serve it.

Washing the cucumber is a must. Removing the skin and seeds is also important because these are hard to shallow for your beardie. You should also consider the timing when giving this food. You should give this veggie in the early morning.

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