Can Bearded Dragons Eat Earthworms? Big And Fatty

The popularity of the bearded dragons has risen the number of people that interested in raising reptile as their pet. In this case, the Beardie is one of the most popular due to the easy to maintenance and a great pet for beginners. Unfortunately, you need to consider tons of things about their diet. There are tons of questions about their food, including can bearded dragons eat earthworms? If you are looking for the answer, here is what you need to know.

Only Adult Bearded Dragon Can Eat Earthworm

The answer to the question is yes your bearded dragon can eat this particular creepy crawlies. However, there is a lot to think about. Even though the wild bearded Dragons are often eating any kind of diet, but the domestic one needs more consideration.

In this case, many experts explain that most of the time Bearded dragons choose to not eat this food because they don’t like it. They may also feel the food is rather unpalatable.

You should consider the size and where you got the worm. So, can bearded dragons eat earthworms? Yes, but most likely only give them to the adult dragon. Most often, the worm is rather big and fatty for your bearded dragon to eat.

This fatty worm can be a choking hazard and bring a risk of a severe gastric problem for the baby dragon. So if you intend to feed your baby dragon, you will need to consider the size and the contain as well.

Not The Best Food Option To Take

This worm can pose an arsenal of threats to your pet. In terms of nutritional value, the worm is made up of 70-90% water and can be quite fatty. The worm might have parasites, chemical contamination, and indefinite size.

Surprisingly, the earthworm also contains tons of nutrients, 65-73% protein, fatty acids, calcium, and iron. Which is great for your bearded dragon intake.

Not Earthworm You Catch From Garden

Just because they can eat it, doesn’t mean they like or you can just take whatever worm it is. Most bearded dragon doesn’t like this food and you should only provide the best food possible. How? You can only give it occasionally and make sure the worm is farmed away from chemicals, free from parasites, and correctly sized.

In any case, you have to buy those that raised as food, not for fishing. So, can bearded dragons eat earthworms from your garden? No, it is not recommended.

In many cases, giving your bearded dragon this creepy crawlies is not a bad thing. However, it supposed to be the one that framed and raised into as a feed. The main reason is to avoid any possibilities of pesticide or toxic in the earthworm.

Many experts state that most of the Beardies don’t like them very much. Thus if you want to offer this food for your Bearded Dragon, then consider only provide it in moderation to avoid any kind of possible health risks.

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