Can Bearded Dragons Eat Eggs? Baby, Juvenile, Adult?

You may think all of the reptiles are a carnivore, but you wrong. There is also a reptile that can eat everything like a Bearded Dragon. They can eat both insects and vegetables, also called omnivores. Then, can Bearded Dragons eat eggs? The answer may be yes or no. Because the egg is an animal-based food. Will the answer be yes? Please check this article below and find the truth.

High Protein in Egg Can Causes Overweighted Bearded Dragons

You can give eggs to the baby or juvenile Beardies, but just as a treat to the adults one because they don’t need so much protein anymore and should eat more vegetables.

Even if they refuse to eat greens, do not serve eggs as it could lead to an even quicker weigh-gained.

A fat Bearded Dragons are not healthy, so please keep the normal weight of this little pet lizard.

The Ideal Portion of Egg to be Fed to Your Beloved Pogona

Can Bearded Dragons eat eggs every day? No. Even if eggs are rich in nutrition for humans as everyday meals, it can not be a staple food because of the cholesterol on it considered as a high level for Bearded Dragons, especially the adults one.

So, offer only half of a chicken egg once in two weeks. But, if you use a small quail egg, you can serve it a whole egg once a week.

Egg’s Condition to be Available for This Pet Lizard

Do you think all eggs can be served to Bearded Dragons? No, they aren’t. Please use eggs from grass-fed or free-range chickens and not to mix it with milk or other dairy product.

Can Bearded Dragons eat eggs with seasonings? No. Please boil or scramble the eggs, don’t use oil or butter when cooking. Don’t offer any raw egg because it is harder to digest.

Egg’s Value as Bearded Dragon’s Food

This rounded spawn is very nutritious, and contain many vitamins and minerals. The vitamins are vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and vitamin K. Eggs also have magnesium, selenium, cholesterol, and protein.

Even though a high amount of cholesterol is not good for health, but it is not bad for an organism in a small amount. The vitamins play a role in the body’s metabolism.

Bearded Dragon’s Lifetime to Eat Eggs

Same with other animals, this warm-lovers pet lizard can be adopted from baby to adult. Can Bearded Dragons eat eggs in every stage of their age? No. The baby dragons usually eat up to 60 insects a day. The juvenile ones can eat 50% insects and 50% plant-based food.

But, the adults should eat fewer animal matter, around 25%-30%. So, the baby and juvenile Beardies are fine to eat eggs.

For the summary, you can be sure that serving eggs to Bearded Dragons is fine as long as it is cooked without oil or butter. Don’t add any seasoning, sauces, or milk.

Keep the eggs in minimum for the adult dragons to avoid the overweight. Better to give it to the baby until juvenile ones because they need more protein for their growth. One more tip, you can mix it with green leaves.

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