Can Bearded Dragons Eat Grasshoppers?

Farmers all around the world usually consider grasshoppers or locusts as pests. However, it is not so with some pet owners. They often use these insects as live food for their pet reptiles. They think that grasshoppers are good for most reptiles. This opinion may cause you to ask, “Can bearded dragons eat grasshoppers?” Let’s find out.

Is Grasshopper Safe for Bearded Dragons?

Beardies will likely eat anything you give them. However, you must select their food carefully because they have a sensitive stomach. If they eat the wrong food, they can suffer from impaction and other health problems.

One of the main diets of bearded dragons is a live food. It is usually in the form of insects, such as crickets and wax worms. Some people also feed their beardies on grasshoppers. However, can bearded dragons eat grasshoppers? It is natural to ask this question because grasshoppers are bigger than crickets. They also have the possibility to carry pesticides and parasites with them.

Nevertheless, yes you can feed grasshoppers to your bearded dragons. The insects are perfectly safe if you know how to feed them to your beardies. Feeding these insects to the lizards is quite common among bearded dragons’ owners in some countries where grasshoppers are easy to get.

They do it for several reasons.

  • Grasshoppers are rich with protein

These insects offer lots of protein for those who eat it. People in Asian countries even cook these insects in various dishes and eat them often. Therefore, your beardies will get enough protein if they eat them regularly.

  • Bearded dragons love chasing them

The grasshopper is one of the best live food for bearded dragons. It is active and will attract the beardies to chase it. Therefore, the lizards will have fun chasing grasshoppers.

  • Grasshoppers are easy to keep

Compared to other insects, grasshoppers are easy to keep. Moreover, they are not smelly like crickets. You can keep them for weeks if you provide some food and water in their container. After that, put the container of the grasshopper at room temperature.

How to Feed Grasshoppers to the Beardies

Yes is indeed the answer to the question of “can bearded dragons eat grasshoppers.” However, you must feed them to the beardies with consideration. There are several things you need to keep in mind when doing it.

  • Get grasshoppers from reputable stores

If you feed the beardies on grasshoppers, it is necessary for you to get them from reputable stores. You must not collect wild grasshoppers to feed your beardies. They may be high in pesticides and carry parasites.

  • Consider the size

Some grasshoppers are too big for the beardies to eat. Therefore, you must choose ones in the right size. As an alternative, you can cut the insects in smaller cuts if they are too big. For best result, powder the locusts with calcium or multivitamin powder.

  • Grasshoppers are best for adult beardies

The insects are not recommended for baby and younger beardies because of the hard outer skin. It can cause impaction to the beardies. Moreover, you need to take precautions in feeding the insects to the older beardies. The Bearded Dragons must get enough sun or UV light before eating the insects. When their bodies are warm enough, the adult beardies will not suffer from impaction.

The grasshopper is a great source of food for bearded dragons. However, you must take some consideration before feeding the insects to your beardies. Therefore, the lizards will be comfortable eating them.