Can Bearded Dragons Eat Kale

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Kale? Curly and Green Vegetable

Vegetables and fruits are good for human health. They have many nutrients and vitamins that are needed for our body. It is not only good for humans but also for some animals like bearded dragons. This reptile likes eating some fruits and vegetables. Sometimes, you get confused to give various foods to your pet. Beardie’s owner often asks that is your food in your home is safe? So, can bearded dragons eat kale? This is good information for you.

Kale is Acceptable for Bearded Dragons

Bearded dragons are reptile which comes from a habitat where food may be rare, so they are okay with a variety of different vegetables and foods.

Kale is one kind of vegetable that is good for this dragon. Kale has enough calcium which is needed for your beardie. It can make your dragon’s bones healthy.

Furthermore, this curly and green vegetable contains low calories and it has more water. So, you will no doubt feeding them, because it cannot make your lovely pet gain weight.

How To Serve Kale To Your Bearded Dragon

Can bearded dragons eat kale? yes, now you can give kale to your dragon in moderation. Adult Bearded dragons should be eating veggies six times in a week.

You can give this green veggie to your pet. But, you must know how to serve it. As a note, don’t forget to wash this vegetable. Make sure there are no chemicals subtract.

Then, you should cut this veggie into a small size. Don’t worry about the amount, you can give it as much as you want.

Nutrition of Kale is safe for Bearded Dragon

How about the nutritional content of kale? If you are still wondering can bearded dragons eat kale? The data shows that kale contains water, calorie, protein, fat, carb, sugar, calcium, fiber, Vitamin C, A, and K.

As you can see, this green veggie has nutrition that is good for their health. Speaking of it, vitamin C strengthens their immune system support. Meanwhile, Vitamin K is good for the dragon’s digestion, and calcium helps them stay healthy and elude illness associated with calcium deficiency.

As we know, sugar is also important for the dragon’s health, but just like humans if you are giving too much sugar it will be troublesome to your dragon. They can get digestion problems and tooth decay. Luckily, kale is low in sugar.

Bearded dragons can eat Kale safely. This vegetable will not cause too many effects on your pet. But you need to consider feeding your beardie with another kind of food that contains sugar as a treat.

In conclusion, this veggie is safe for your dragon because the nutritional content of kale is helpful for the bearded dragon’s health. You can give this veggie regularly but do not forget to wash this green veggie first, cut them in small sizes, so your beardie can easily process to his digestion.

Vitamin C, K, A help for your dragon metabolism. It means that kale is great to serve as part of their daily food. So, this green vegetable is an inexpensive choice for your beardie.

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