Can Bearded Dragons Eat Kiwi? Great Nutritional Fruit

Quite often bearded dragon owners decide to give some fruit treat to their beloved pet lizard. At some point, numerous fresh delicacies are served for them. In this case, the quite familiar and popular choice is Kiwi. The green fruit will be given along with the other staples on the fruit bowl. But, can bearded dragons eat kiwi? As many people serve it, the answer will be yes. However, there is some information you should know beforehand.

A Great Nutritional Fruit For Bearded Dragons Diet

This is something you should understand that every fruit contains different nutritional values. In this case, asking the vet is your best option. But all in all, kiwi is one of the nutritious fruit you can prepare for your dragon. It included in the safe fruit for bearded dragon.

Kiwi has high vitamin C, low calcium but has acceptable calcium to phosphorus ratio. On the other hand, it also has quite a high sugar level which is not good for routine staples.

In this case, you got the exact answer of the can bearded dragons eat kiwi, but what part? The obvious answer will be the soft and green fruit on the inside. This is the best part you can give them.

Your bearded dragon will be okay when eating kiwi seeds, but you better lessened it beforehand. And don’t ever give them the kiwi skin.

All things to consider, this is the worst part due to the though and hard to chew. It can make the dragon have a digestion problem.

Preparing The Kiwi In Salad Bowl

Before you serve the fruit to your Dragon, make sure you prepare it carefully. They can eat this fruit, but they might get a problem with chewing and digesting it.

Can bearded dragons eat kiwi yet? No, the hygiene aspects also worth considering. Thus, the first step is to buy organic products to avoid any poisonous chemicals.

After that, you should wash everything, the fruit, veggies, greens, etc. Then, chopped it to a few thin slices then serve it with other staples.

Not On A Daily Basis Just Occasionally

So do you consider giving it every day? don’t ever think about it. Just like any other fruit and vegetables, you should not give it on a daily basis. Just because it contains high vitamin c, calcium, and much other nutrition, doesn’t mean you can give them as diet staples.

How often can bearded dragons eat kiwi? The answer will be once a month is the best routine. And make sure to mix the fruit with other foods, so your dragon can eat variant of food.

To make it brief, the main answer will be yes. You can give some kiwis to your bearded dragon. However, you should understand that this tiny green fruit contains quite a lot of nutritional value in it.

While it can be good for your beloved lizard pet, it also can lead to health risks without proper inspection. Thus, giving them occasionally will be the best thing to do. At the same time, make sure the fruit is clean, fresh, and chopped before you serve it.

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