Can Bearded Dragons Eat Lettuce? Iceberg or Romaine?

Ever thinks that this small reptile as a wild animal that likes eating meat? You can feed this animal with many fruits and vegetables. You can also give them veggies with insects. Even this cute beardie needs vegetables and fruits. The nutritional content of vegetables and fruits is great for them. But, there are important things to know which ones are safe for them. It can get cause troublesome to your dragon. Talking about food for your pet, you may think can bearded dragons eat lettuce only?

Lettuce Is A Big NO For You Bearded Dragon

Here is the explanation about lettuce for your beardie. Lettuce is one of the food that you should avoid being given to your dragon.  As we know, some people may have hypersensitive to this veggie. Your lovely bearded dragon is susceptible to this vegetable.

Lettuce is watery which is not good for the bearded dragon.  Moreover, this animal can hydrate naturally in their body. So, you should avoid feeding this green to them. It can cause some digestive conditions such as diarrhea.

Nutritional in Lettuce May Be Bad for Your Dragon

Can bearded dragons eat lettuce? It is no. Let us look deeply into why lettuce may not be a great option to feed your dragon.  Lettuce contains much of water, protein, calcium, fiber, energy, sodium, calcium, iron, vitamin C, D, B6, A, K, E, and phosphorus.

For humans, it is good for a diet. But for your dragon, this leafy green is not recommended.  You should not give of nutrient-poor light green vegetables for your pet. These leaves don’t offer much nutrition at all for your beardie.

Lettuce Is Low in Calcium

The main reason why lettuce should stay clear to your lovely bearded dragon is that this vegetable has low calcium. Do you still ask that can bearded dragons eat lettuce? As you know, calcium one of the most important nutrients for your dragon pet.

If you do not supply enough calcium, your beardie will suffer from metabolic bone issues and other serious health conditions.

Is There Any Kind of Lettuce Can Be Eaten By Bearded Dragons?

This vegetable has various kinds of lettuce such as iceberg lettuce, cos or romaine lettuce, butterhead lettuce, and red leaf lettuce. We often see that some owners asking questions related to the different kinds of it.

Can bearded dragons eat lettuce? No. You can give it to your dragon, but it is not suggested for your dragon. You should avoid all kinds of lettuce.

As the explanation above, you have already known that lettuce is one of the vegetables that you should avoid feeding your dragon.

The nutritional content of lettuce is low, so it would not give any effects for this animal. It can be bad if you give this veggie in a large amount because it will give some crucial digestion issues for your pet. This veggie is an exception for your dragon. If you love your pet you will not feed your dragon carelessly.

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