Can Bearded Dragons Eat Mango?

Bearded dragons are easy to care for children or adults. The main aspect of their care is providing the right food for them. As the owner of this, you might get confused when you want to feed your Beardie. Have you ever think if the food will be good for them or will they like it? This beautiful animal prefers fruits to vegetables. Moreover, some people may ask can bearded dragons eat mango? Here are some brief explanations about feeding mango for bearded dragons.

Give Mango As A treat

Mango has a soft texture and sweet, so bearded dragons will like it. But, mango should be fed considerately for Beardie. You can only feed mango as a treat, not as part of the staple food.

Mango has high levels of vitamin A and a moderate oxalate which is why this fruit should be given as an occasional treat. It is because of the oxalate can bind with calcium. It can cause various diseases for this animal.

The owners must know the limitation when giving this sweet and yellow fruit.

How To Prepare Mango For Bearded Dragons

To answer your question, can bearded dragons eat mango? Yes, but the first thing you should do is to wash the fruit properly. This is the basic rule for any kind of food. So, it will remove any residual chemicals on this fruit.

Second, do not forget to remove the skin because it has less nutrition for your dragon. At the same time, the fruit’s skin is quite tough and not so delightful. This is very different from the fruit itself. So, it would take time for your dragon to swallow this fruit.

Also, you are highly recommended to avoid dried and frozen mango to feed your dragon. Because these two particular mangoes usually have high sugar which can lead overweight to your lovely dragon.

Furthermore, you might wonder and ask about can bearded dragons eat mango pit? Mango pit is not allowed to be given for this reptile.

The pit of mango is hard and you should throw this away. This hard part of the fruit can hardly be digested by their sensitive digestive system.

The Benefit Of Mango For Bearded Dragon

Mango contains numerous nutrition such as calories, water, protein, carbs, vitamin c, etc. which good for the Bearded Dragon diet. Unfortunately, you can only give mango up to 10 to 20% of the dragon’s diet.

Vitamin C also gives the main responsibility to maintain the immune system of this reptile. The calcium level of mango is good for a youthful dragon because it can enhance bone development. So, can bearded dragons eat mango? Yes, but in a small amount of mango.

In conclusion, mango could be eaten by your dragon, but there are a lot of considerations you should know. You have to wash, remove mango’s skin and pit, plus chop them. They’re also an important thing you should avoid which is giving your dragon a dried and frozen mango.

It is because they have high sugar that can make your Beardie overweight. In contrast, Vitamin C and calcium can strengthen the Bearded dragon’s immune system and develop the bone of this reptile.

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