Can Bearded Dragons Eat Oranges? Mandarin and Navel Orange?

Can bearded dragons eat oranges? You come to the right place, here what you should know beforehand. There is no doubt that the bearded dragon owner wants their pet to be happy and healthy. At some point, you may want to share your delicious fruit with them. But hold up! You should know that beardie has such a peculiar diet. One food can be good for them, but the other food or staple can make a different story. Including the refreshing orange fruit, you love.

A Big No For Offering Oranges For Bearded Dragon

The answer is very apparent, NO, your bearded dragon should not eat any orange. Many experts and vets state that the fruit content is way too dangerous for the Beardie’s health. Thus, all owners should avoid including this fruit as the staple or their occasional food.

It is not going to kill or make your beloved pet dragon passed away, but the acidic content can lead to serious health issues you don’t want to see happen to your beloved pet dragon.

No Mandarin Nor Navel Orange

But in case you are curious about can bearded dragons eat oranges (mandarin or navel), then the answer still the same – NO.

You should not offer this sweet acidic fruit at all to your bearded dragons. In this case, you should be able to grasp the idea of giving orange for a bearded dragon.

Even though they may not have big acid as the normal oranges, but it still intolerable for your pet lizard. There are many things you can offer to your dragon, but not this particular acidic and refreshing fruit.

Orange Contain High Acid And Sugar

But why? doesn’t the bearded dragon omnivore? This is the thing you should know. Your pet may look like enjoying the food, but the can bearded dragons eat oranges’ answer stays the same.

Granted that Beardie is an omnivore who enjoys all kinds of foods ranging from fruit, veggies, and bugs. Unfortunately, their digestive system cannot handle the high acid in orange.

Most fruit contains high sugar and acid, in this case, oranges have higher acid than any other fruit.

Digestive Problem And Low Nutrition

Contrasting the high acid, orange has low vitamins, calcium, and phosphor. Those nutritional contents are what your bearded dragon needs the most. Giving them orange may lead to a lack of other nutritional value, which leads to many health problems.

One of the health issues that likely happen is diarrhea. It will increase the dehydrated rate and eventually lead to worse health problems.

In many cases, there are quite a lot of Bearded Dragon’s health issues that may occur due to consuming orange.

Whatever the orange type or variety is, offering this fruit to your Bearded Dragons is an absolute NO.

You can’t, you should not offer this high acid fruit. It may be a good staple for humans, but for your bearded Dragon, this fruit is quite harmful to their health. The contain can lead to a digestive problem, diarrhea, dehydration, and in the worst-case – serious health problem and death.

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