Can Bearded Dragons Eat Peaches?

Are you a reptile lover? Yes? Okay, you must know about Bearded Dragons. Bearded Dragons are one of a reptile that belongs to omnivore species. They eat everything that includes live insects and vegetables. These tan-yellow colored species also eat fruits such as peeled banana, peeled apple, and watermelon. Then, can Bearded Dragons eat peaches? Check this article to find out the truth!

Peaches Benefit for Bearded Dragons’ Health

Do you know peaches? Yes, that fruit from the Rosaceae family with yellow-whitish colored flesh has a lot of benefits for health. Because it contains mineral, vitamin C, vitamin A, and Beta-Carotene.

Vitamin C is very popular with its antioxidant effect in the body that helps eliminate harmful free-radical. At the same time, Vitamin A is good nutrition to improves Bearded Dragon’s night vision.

The Number of Peaches to Feed Bearded Dragons

As you know that peaches are safe to be eaten by your Dragons, but did you know the perfect amount of peaches can be eaten by this pet lizard? Can Bearded Dragons eat peaches in the large portion? The answer is NO. Just offer this peach for your Beardie only about once a month, because peaches have a lot of sugar and acidic. The overload sweetness can upset Bearded Dragons’ stomach.

Bearded Dragon’s age to be Able to Eat Peaches

Bearded Dragons, this small pet also has an age just like other animals. They have this kind of flare out skin in their neck from when they are just a baby until adult.

The baby one doesn’t eat many vegetables, but the juvenile one mostly eating insects than vegetables or fruit. Meanwhile, adults consuming a lot of vegetables and fruits. So can Bearded Dragons eat peaches when they are adults? Yes, they can.

Make Sure to Peel Off Peach’s Peel Before Serve it to Bearded Dragons

The Bearded Dragons can only eat raw and fresh peaches. Because of their small mouth, you need to chop the vegetables and fruits into small shapes, so they can eat it comfortably.

Some big animals can eat a peach with the peel on it. But can Bearded Dragons eat peach’s peel too? No.

Peel off the peach before you serve it to the Bearded Dragons because it is quite hard to chew.

Peach’s Acidic Effect to Bearded Dragons

There are a lot of acidic fruits such as lemon, pomegranate, kiwi, pomelo, etc. including peach. Can Bearded Dragons eat peaches that contain acid? Although peaches are known for their sweetness, at the same time it also has acid flavor. Of course, they can eat it but in a moderate amount.

If there is too much acid in the beardie’s stomach, it can cause an upset stomach and other harmful health problems.

Fruits are a good choice to be Bearded Dragons snack in moderation. The reptile experts already recommended some fruits that can be eaten by this dragon. For a beginner owner of this pet, please read carefully when you want to feed fruits to Bearded Dragons.

If you choose peaches as their snack, give it to them once in a month to prevent upset stomach, and don’t forget to remove the peach’s peel.

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