Can Bearded Dragons Eat Pineapple? Healthy And Refreshing Fruit

When the temperature heats its peak and the hot day is unbearable, the sweet and fresh pineapple will be a great feast. The juicy and tart fruit contain great nutrients and rich in good value to fight any disease. For humans, it is great food. But for your Bearded Dragon, it is a different story. Can bearded dragons eat pineapple? The answer is always yes. As you love the fruit, your pet might enjoy it too. But, here is something you should know beforehand.

Bearded Dragon Can Eat This Healthy And Refreshing Fruit

Pineapple is indeed very delicious and nutritious. Whether it is for humans or for your bearded dragon, the fruit is tempting. One thing for sure, giving them to your dragon is okay. At the same time, they can get numerous benefits.

There is a lot of antioxidants and vitamin C, it also helps the Dragon to have better digestion system and get a lot of energy. Even more, Pineapple has great calcium to phosphorus ration and a lot of other nutrition.

A Good Fruit But Not For Daily Intake

So can bearded dragons eat pineapple daily? No. Even though the fruit is very healthy and whatsoever, Bearded Dragon can only safely consume this fruit once or twice a month. That it is, no more than that. Why, isn’t it good? Indeed, it is a great fruit.

Yet the fruit also has some dangerous contents that should be avoided. Most of the reasons were due to the acid, sugar, and moderate amount of oxalates which is a big NO for your lizard pet dragon.

You can imagine yourself eating the pineapple. The acidic and sugary flavor may be delicious for you, but for Bearded Dragons, this can lead to serious health problems. Too much sugar is not good for them, it can cause obesity to liver disease.

Can bearded dragons eat pineapple is yes, but the content is not good. Acid can cause diarrhea and the worst is the oxalates or oxalic acid. The amount can be dangerous; your dragon may develop health problems from it.

Preparing The Fruit Before You Serve It

Another thing to consider is how to serve it. First, you know that the skin is very rough and hard. So, clean up every skin and leaves of the fruit. Don’t forget to cut out the core to get rid of the hard part. Then lastly, slice up the pineapple fruit into small pieces to prevent them from choking.

Can bearded dragons eat pineapple now? Yes, but it is advisable to serve it along with other fruits, veggies, and foods. You can add banana, kiwi, or mango in the bowl as well.

You can say that pineapple is a great nutrition source for everyone, including your Bearded Dragon pet. As it contains numerous high-quality content that can help to prevent disease, this fruit also has somethings you should consider. Mainly its oxalates, sugar, and acid contain. Thus, you should think before you serve it to your beloved pet dragon. Don’t serve this exotic fruit them on daily basis, to avoid any possible health problems.

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