Can Bearded Dragons Eat Watermelon? Benefit Of Serving

It is granted that every Bearded Dragon owner wants their pet to be healthy, happy, and enjoy their life. Thus, giving a nice food and delicious treat are the best choice they can take. In many cases, people are questioning certain fruit as the Dragon’s intake. Is it good? Is it safe? So, one of the most frequently asked questions is can bearded dragons eat watermelon? If you are looking for the answer, you can read further in this article to find out more about the info.

Yes, Bearded Dragon Can Eat Watermelon Safely

To get the answer to your question, you can see from the nutritional value of the fruit or look from the list of safe fruits for Bearded Dragons. In this case, the answer is yes. This sweet fruit is one of the fruits which is safe to feed for your pet.

The experts and the vet also include it on the list. The nutritional profile also considered good enough for your Beardie. But serving it to your bearded dragon needs some consideration and monitoring since it can either beneficial or harmful.

The Benefit Of Serving Watermelon

So, can bearded dragons eat watermelon and gain some benefits? Yes. According to some vets and experts, the watermelon is a great treat for your dragon. Even though there is no much nutritional benefit, but the water content can help them hydrated.

Most often your cute bearded dragon will enjoy the watermelon. You can use it to encourage and raise their appetite to eat more. Still, make sure to mix the bowl with other greens and veggies.

The Dangers You Should Be Aware Of

Is there any health risk from offering this fruit? Unfortunately, the answer is yes there is a lot. Just like any other fruit, the main concern is high sugar, low calcium, and poor phosphorous ratio in the fruit.

You should know that giving it too much may lead to many health issues. They may develop metabolic bone disease, overweight, build of tartar, teeth and jaw problems, etc.

The Save Amount Of Watermelon You Can Serve

Talking about the amount, then it will be very little or moderate. Serving watermelon is not a bad treat, but or daily food it can be harmful. You can see from the risks, that it is not recommended to feed it daily.

Thus just like any other fruit and veggies, it is better to give the fruit around once a month. How much? In a small portion that chopped or sliced in small pieces.

All in all, your Bearded Dragon is not a picky eater. They will most likely enjoy whatever you serve, including watermelon. Your beloved lizard pet can eat and will be okay eating this fruit. Bearded Dragon can eat other melons as well.

The water content is good to help them stay hydrated. But other than that, the fruit content can be dangerous. Thus to stay on the safe side, you only have to serve it on an occasional basis. Once a few days will be enough for them.

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