Can Bearded Dragons Eat Waxworms?

Insects are essentials in the bearded dragon’s diet. These small animals offer protein, fat, calcium, and other nutrients to bearded dragons. Insects are highly needed by baby and juvenile bearded dragons to support their growth and development. There are choices of insects to feed your these reptiles. However, can bearded dragons eat waxworms?

What is Waxworms?

It is widely known that waxworms are available in pet supplies as live food for various pets. These insects are caterpillar larvae of wax moths. They are white with a brown head and black dots on their feet. Wild waxworms live in bee colonies as parasites. These larvae eat pollens, cocoons, and beeswax. That’s why they are called a wax worm.

Wax worm is one of the food sources of pets, such as birds and terrarium pets. Pet owners love to feed them to their pets for several reasons. One of the reasons is that they can survive for a long time at low temperatures. Moreover, they are available in most pet supplies because they are easy to breed. Therefore, pet owners can get them easily.

Most terrarium pets and some birds love these larvae. They will likely eat them as much as they can. For those pets, waxworms offer lots of fat that is useful for their growth. On the other hand, anglers often use waxworms as fishing baits. They said that these larvae are good for fishing panfish, green sunfish, rainbow trout, and Masu salmon.

Waxworms in Your Bearded Dragons Diet

Can bearded dragons eat waxworms? This is probably the first question to pop in your mind when you find out that terrariums pets eat waxworms. Well, some people give these larvae to their bearded dragons. However, you need to be careful in feeding them to your beardies.

It is important for you to consider the nutritional value of waxworms before you use them as your bearded dragons live food. These larvae mostly contain liquid. About 60% of the wax worm body is liquid. In addition, it contains a high amount of fat (about 21%) and a moderate amount of protein and calcium.

On the one hand waxworms provide some moisture, protein, and calcium for the bearded dragons. However, on the other hand, these larvae have too much fat. Therefore, you need to limit the number of waxworms for your bearded dragons.

Giving too many of them can cause the beardies to become fat. It is, of course, not good for the reptiles since obesity may lead to certain health problems. In consequence, you must not consider wax worm as the staple food of bearded dragons.

Some experts suggest 5 or 6 waxworms per day for adult bearded dragons. In addition, you must not give the larvae too often. Giving them a treat for your beardies is the best option. If you have baby bearded dragons, you can give them the larvae more often since they need more fats to grow. However, you still need to limit the number.

Therefore, can bearded dragons eat waxworms? is yes. You can feed this larva to your bearded dragons, but not often. When you are purchasing waxworms for these lizards, you need to make sure that you buy them from reputable pet supplies. Therefore, you will get high-quality waxworms that can be stored for weeks.