Can Bearded Dragons Eat Zucchini

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Zucchini?

Zucchini or also known as courgette is one of the summer squash you can find everywhere. This green vegetable that looks like cucumber has gained its popularity as a food to feed reptiles pets. In this case, Bearded Dragon is the target. But can bearded dragons eat zucchini? This frequently asked question surfacing because this small gentle lizard has a peculiar diet. So to get the answer, this article is for you.

Yes, Bearded Dragon Can Eat Zucchini

Based on the nutritional data and the official list of Bearded Dragon food, zucchini is safe and your pet can eat it without any problem but only give this food as treat. However, you should only offer this vegetable as part of a balanced diet.

With that said, you should know that this is not a great daily staple food. Just like any other fruits and vegetables, some content may or may not affect the Bearded dragons health. So, offer it in moderation.

Okay, But Not A Great Mealtime Choice

As you know the answer to can bearded dragons eat zucchini question, you may wonder about the reason. In this matter, worth noting that your little lizard pet has a small and delicate stomach.

There are tons of considerations regarding nutritional value. Acid, sugar, phosphorous, fiber content, etc. should not be overlooked. It is important to fulfill the bearded dragon’s nutrition needs and avoid anything harmful.

So according to the data by USDA, Zucchini has a bad calcium and phosphorus ratio and is a bit acidic. The calcium is way too low (16mg per 100g) and the phosphorus is up higher with 38mg per 100g.

This is a bad ratio for bearded dragon food. Other than that, this vegetable is considered to have low nutrition. But as can bearded dragons eat zucchini answer say Yes, then you just need to give this food as treats.

How Often They Can Eat It?

As you can see from the nutritional value, this food contains more water than any other beneficial nutrients. Which is not a good idea to offer it daily. The thing is rather than give them something that is not so nutritious, you better opt for better food such as a bug or other fruit.

So, give it only as treats and occasionally. A small portion of this vegetable once a month with other food is enough.

Preparing The Zucchini for Bearded Dragon

It is happening that your bearded dragon can easily choke from whatever they eat. So, can bearded dragons eat zucchini easily and safely? The answer is depending on how you prepare it. Hygiene is the number one factor and size is also important.

It means you should wash it clean or choose the organic one. Then, make sure you chopped or cut it into small slices to avoid choking.

Among many other foods listed as an okay for Bearded Dragon, zucchini is one of them that should not be offered as a daily staple. Your Dragon can eat It find and safe, but this food naturally has low nutritional value.

There is more water than the calcium, sugar, vitamin, or any other nutrients your lizard pet needs. Thus, offering it only as part of a balanced diet is good enough. That means you have to consider serving other more nutritious food.

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