Do Bearded Dragon Drink Water? How Much?

It can’t be denied that the charming Bearded Dragon has its quirk. As a lizard pet that belongs in a family of Australian reptiles, this particular animal used to live in a desert. Considering the habitat, many people questioning about their hydration needs. Do bearded dragon drink water? Of course, they do. Many people ask this query to make sure their beloved pet animal got enough liquid. So without further ado, here are the further info for you.

The Sign Bearded Dragons Need Water

Just because they used to live in a desert doesn’t mean they won’t need any water. Dehydration is one thing that every keeper should consider and need to avoid. But how do you know if they need water or not? there are some signs you can notice if dehydration occurs. Wrinkled skin, decreased elasticity in the skin, sunken eyes, the sticky saliva, and double-strand saliva when they open the mouth, you can also see the skin tents when pinched.

Rehydration Techniques

  • Spray The Dragon With Water

Worth noting that water dragons tend to need help when drinking. If they don’t take the water from the bowl, then you can try to use a sprayer. A simple plastic spray bottle is good enough. Since you know the answer to do bearded dragon drink water, make sure you provide clear, clean, and free sediment water. Spray the water onto the bowl or cage to make a rain effect. The Dragon will eventually drink from the droplet by licking or let the dewy water drop onto their mouth.

  • Use Water Bowl

If you are going to use a bowl, make sure it has moderate-high and the Dragon can reach the water. You can stimulate the dragon to drink from it by adding a tad bit of fruit juice. Not too much, just enough to lure the dragon to get water from the bowl. When the solution doesn’t work, you can clean the bowl and replace it with a juice and water mixture. Keep doing this way until your pet lizard willingly takes the drink.

  • Use Water Dish

A water dish is a place where they can take a bath or play in the water. In this case, you should put the right sized water dish. It is not too big (they can drown) or too small (they mistook it as a water bowl). The answer to do bearded dragon drink water is clear, so fill it with fresh water. When your Dragons don’t feel like taking bath and drink, gently place them it. Make them feel comfortable and let them enjoy the bath. They will eventually drink some water.

  • Use Different Food Sources

Fresh food sources contain water in it. You can opt for insects and vegetables for your dragon diets. You can put some fruits that have some water, such as watermelon or grapes. Don’t forget to provide a lot of insects for around 10-15 minutes. After that, it is advisable to take away the remaining insects from the captive. Giving fresh vegetable is okay, but it can make the dehydration worsening. So, make sure to provide enough water as well.

How Often Do Bearded Dragons Drink Water?

This is something important to know, especially if you are a beginner keeper. You should give enough water, not too much – not too little. Based on the statistic, the average amount of drinking water is around 10 to 30 ml from the ideal weight of your pet. That is the answer to do bearded dragon drink water. In this case, you should know your pet weight to know whether they are in great condition or not.

Basing on the average amount of water, it can be said that the bearded dragon doesn’t need too much water. The demand is really low but still considered as obliged. So, if you think about the calculation the amount will be around 2 teaspoons of water a day. This number is taken from the ideal weight adult dragon. So in this matter, you should not be too much worry if your pet doesn’t touch the water at all. You can give them spray as alternatives.

So many times you should give them water? Worth noting that even though they demand very little water, doesn’t mean you can leave them be. It is very necessary to provide fresh and clean water. So, make sure you change and refill the bowl with fresh water every day to keep them remain hydrated. After you understand the answer to Do bearded dragon drink water, you can provide leafy green vegetables such as collards and kale to provide little moisture for them.

Providing When Shedding

When they are shedding, dehydration can lead to skin problems or up normal shedding. Thus, you should give enough water when they are in this condition. You can use the same ways as explained before or you can give more water spray.

The other alternative to take is giving your pet a comforting bath. Bathing them with warm water can help soften the skin that starting to peel. At the same time, the dragon might sip some water to hydrate themselves.

Giving Water When Brumation

Worth noting that in the brumation state, your dragon will mostly sleep for a long time. In this case, you should make sure they stay hydrated. Your dragons may wake up often to take some refreshment, thus always provide fresh water around them.

You can help provide fresh water by dripping some water on their snouts or spray some water once in a while. Giving a bath also a good solution. That’s all the do bearded dragon drink water questions’ answer.

Even though Bearded Dragon holds the title as the best lizard pet for beginner, it doesn’t mean you can underestimate it. The Dragon has some characteristics that every owner should know, including their hydration rate.

In this matter, you should provide enough water in the captive. As the main liquid source, the drinking water will prevent dehydration and any unwanted health problems that may occur due to the lack of water intake.

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