How Big Do Bearded Dragons Get?

Pogona vitticeps or also widely known as the Bearded Dragons. It is one of the exotic pets that popularities have swept the entire globe. The cool-looking reptile has stolen many adopters’ hearts with its charms. Interested? Before you get your dragon, it is wise to learn about the growing rate of this pet. So, understanding how big do bearded dragons get is an important piece of information for you. Here is some elaborated information for you.

This Are Information Regarding The Size And Growth Rate Of Bearded Dragon You Should Know.

How Big Do Bearded Dragons Grow?

According to scientists, Beardie is considered a part of a medium-sized lizard. This means it won’t be too big when it hit a fully grown state. From the numerous statistic, these particular lizard pets that are commonly breaded in the US are generally sized around 12 inches and reach the maximum size around 24 inches. This measurement is taken from the head to the end of the tip of their tail. However, worth noting that the growth varies in each individual.

Generally, the different sizes and lengths are determined and affected by a couple of factors. The factors are consisting of the diet and health condition, gender, environment, and the breed of species. So how big do bearded dragons get are varying, but since the Pogona Vitticeps are the most common species the bearded dragons full size is around 24 inches. Pogona Barbata’s max size is also around 24 inches. Other than that species, the max size is ranging from 4-6 to 18 inches.

Species Length
Pogona Vitticeps 24 Inches
Pogona Barbata 24 Inches
Pogona Minor Mitchelli 28 Inches
Pogona Minor Minor 14-18 Inches
Pogona Nullabor 14 Inches
Pogona Henrylawsoni 12 Inches
Pogona Minor Minima 12 Inches
Pogona Microlepidota 4-6 Inches

How Fast Do Bearded Dragons Grow?

One again, the growth rate and the metabolism system are varying in each dragon. This means how fast bearded dragons’ growth will different. In this case, the normal common Vitticeps can grow quite fast.

Most of the time the growth happens during their juvenile or young state. At this age, the Beardie can grow around 11 inches long around the first few months of its young age (around the first three months). Then, the growth is slowing down.

After the first month, the bearded dragons growing times are slowing down very significantly. While they got rapid growth in the first three months, the next following month they will grow around 1 to 2 inches per month. So you can envision how fast and how big do bearded dragons get.

When the Beardie getting older or maturing, the growth will get even slower. It only ranging from 1 to 2 inches for the entire second year.

Bearded Dragons Size By Age

As explained before, the growth is significantly slowing down when the Dragon hit the age of 2 years. With that in mind, you can expect rapid growth in the first month and a slowing pace in the following month. From then information, you can say that the small dragon will grow faster.

But if you want to get one of the dragons, it is best to know the common or the average size of the bearded dragons beforehand. So, you won’t make a mistake in choosing one.

At the age of 0 – 1 month, the average size is around 3 – 4 inches, which is very small. In the next month, the size will sprout around 5 inches (size 5-9 inches). After that particular age, beardy still has constant growth.

You can see how big do bearded dragons get in the third month which is the average size of 8-11 in. 4 months around 9-12 in, 5th month is about 11 – 16 inches, 6th month 11- 18 in, the 8th month 13-20 inches, and a year-old dragon will have sized around 16-22 in.

Bearded Dragons Age Bearded Dragons Length
0-1 Months 3-4 Inches
2 Months 5-9 Inches
3 Months 8-11 Inches
4 Months 9-12 Inches
5 Months 11-16 Inches
6 Months 11-18 Inches
8 Months 13-20 Inches
12 Months 16-22 Inches

Bearded Dragon Growth Rate

If you want to compile the bearded growth rate, then there are three stages you can expect to see from your pet. You got a juvenile or the baby dragon stage, then the sexual maturity stage, and the mature stage.

From that grouping, you can see that age and maturity are the main determiners of bearded dragons growth rate. In the juvenile stage, they can reach 10 inches only in 6 months then slowing down. Then at the ages of 8 to 18 months, they will start to sexually mature.

Full Grown Bearded Dragon Size

At the last stage or when they fully grew, you can say this stage is mature size. Most of the time, the grown is very significantly dropping. From rapid growth, monthly growth, now the how big do bearded dragons get only increases 1 – 2 inches per year. However, when Bearded Dragon already hit the full size, they won’t grow even bigger. This means after the second year, any kind of growth (weight or length) should be monitored.

All in all, the bearded dragon is one of the medium-sized lizard pets which can be big enough to fill up its tank. But with the maximum size around 24 inches with a weight of around 18 ounces, these particular pets are surprisingly smaller than Iguana or any other common lizard pets. While it is quite fascinating to see your Beardie grow bigger, make sure to keep an eye on its growth rate. So, it grows normally without any health problems or illnesses.

So, how big is the full-size Bearded Dragon? The answer is around the size of 18 – 24 inches. While the average research says that the bearded dragons have a maximum size of 24 niches, worth noting that they are mostly grown smaller than that. Thus, how big do bearded dragons get are around 12-22 inches with a weight of around 10 to 18 ounces. If your bearded dragons weight more than that, then you might overfeed your beloved pet wizard.

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