5 Safe Plants for Bearded Dragons to Eat

Looking at your bearded dragons chasing their live food can be entertaining. However, you must not only feed them with live food. These reptiles also need to eat plants to stay healthy. Nevertheless, you need to be selective in feeding them because there are only several safe plants for bearded dragons to eat. Feeding the wrong plants can cause the lizard to become ill or even dying.

Why Bearded Dragons Need Plants in Their Diet?

When it comes to eating, bearded dragons are not fussy eaters. In their natural habitats, they eat both animals and plants. The animals that they eat are usually insects or small animals, such as crickets, locusts, and small lizards. From this live food, they get fat and protein to promote their growth.

In addition, bearded dragons also eat large portions of plants. Eating plants helps them to get minerals and vitamins, such as calcium, vitamin A, C, D3, and iron. These vitamins and minerals will make the beardies stay healthy. Getting enough calcium, iron, and vitamins can prevent lizards from having a metabolic bone disease.

As a result, it is necessary for you to feed enough plants for your beardies. Baby bearded dragons usually need a lower amount of plants in their diet, about 30% of the total diet. Meanwhile, the adult ones need more amount of plants, about 70% of the total diet.

Safe Plants to Feed Bearded Dragons

In order to meet the bearded dragons’ need for minerals and vitamins, you have to provide enough plants for them. However, you need to remember that you must only give safe plants for bearded dragons to eat.

  • Alfalfa

If you are looking for nutritious plants for your beardies, the alfalfa plant is your best choice. Lizards love and enjoy this plant. In addition, feeding alfalfa to the beardies will help them to get enough calcium. Since this plant is very safe for bearded dragons, you can feed them every day with it. Chop the sprouts before giving them to your lizard so that they can swallow them easily.

  • Carnations

If your beardies are bored eating alfalfa every day, you can feed them with carnations occasionally. The petals of these flowers are safe for them to eat. However, a source says that carnation leaves from the genus of Dianthus are safe for bearded dragons.

  • English chamomile

Another flowering plant that you can feed to the reptiles is the English chamomile. You can use both the petals and the leaves of the plant in feeding the beardies. Don’t forget to cut the leaves in bite-size so that the reptiles can eat it easily.

  • Dandelions

One of the safe plants for bearded dragons to eat is dandelions. It is rich in vitamin A and calcium. You can feed dandelion leaves and flowers to your reptile often so that they stay healthy.

  • Rose petals

If you love to sprinkle rose petals on your salads, then you can do the same to your bearded dragons’ dish of vegetables. These flower petals are safe for them to eat. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about their effect on the reptiles.

Aside from the plants above, you can feed pansies flowers, hibiscus leaves, nasturtium, white mulberry leaves, lilac flowers, rosemary, basil, hens and chicks, mint, and hollyhock to your beardies. The plants must be free of pesticide and fungicide. Therefore, you had better plant them on your own or shop for them in the grocery stores.