Can Bearded Dragons Eat Apples?

Can bearded dragons eat apples? Here is the information to you because you should be mindful of your pet. When you have a bearded dragon in your house, you always give them the best treatment. You always concern about big this to small things.

One of the essential things is to serve the right foods for your bearded dragons. As you know, the bearded dragon is a kind of reptile that likes eating vegetables and fruits. But, sometimes you are difficult to know what kind of food that is allowed for them or what ones you should be avoided? Some of the owners of this reptile are had the same question?

Apples Are Nice for Bearded Dragon

To complete your question can bearded dragons eat apples? Apple is nutritious fruits that you can serve to your pet. There is nutrition in an apple.

First, these fruits contain vitamin C, A which boosts your dragon’s health such as growth, vision, and reproduction. A lot of water also makes your beardie stay hydrated.

Additionally, the fiber in an apple can develop the process of digestion, carbs also keep the energized. Moreover, iron makes oxygen travel smoothly in your dragon’s blood. So, apples give them more benefits for them.

Tips for Serve Apples

You can serve any types of apples for your reptile. This is the tips for you, if you want to serve some apple to your dragon, always do not forget to wash it properly. It rinses the dirt and chemical from pesticides that probability can kill your lovely.

Can bearded dragons eat apple skin? Don’t try it. You have to peel off the skin also. An apple peel can cause a risk of choking. You must get rid of it. As you know, this bearded dragon does not have big teeth. You should dice it into small size and remove the seeds.

Apples Have High Sugar Content

Despite all of the facts that these appealing fruits have many benefits to your reptile, you should not feed this frequently. Just like other fruits, an apple contains a lot of sugar. This round fruit can harm your beardie, it also contains too much sugar.

This animal is like a human if we had consumed too much sugar for the long term, it also can give effects such as tooth decay, diabetes, obesity, or even liver disease. Can bearded dragons eat apples every day? Absolutely, you can. but you must pay attention to portions, give a small amount.

To sum up, you already know that giving apples to your bearded dragon is a bit tricky. Apples are nice for them but you must consider a few things such as wash the apples properly, peel of the skin, and get rid of the seeds.

Apples also have a lot of water content and much nutrition such as vitamin C, A, carb, and fiber which is good for your lovely reptile. Besides, you shouldn’t feed these fruits every day, because this sweet apple is high in sugar. So, you can’t serve too much apple to your beardie, you can give it as a snack only once a week.

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