Can Bearded Dragons Eat Grapes? A Surprise Answer Revealed!

If you own a bearded dragon, you’ve probably wondered, “Can bearded dragons eat grapes?” or maybe “Are grapes good for bearded dragons?” In this blog post, I’ll answer these questions and more.

Can Bearded Dragons Have Grapes?

Yes, whether red or green, grapes are perfectly safe for your scaly friend. That means if you were wondering, “Can bearded dragons eat green grapes?” or “Can bearded dragons eat red grapes?”, the answer is a resounding yes.

However, just like any other treat, grapes should be moderately offered. They are high in sugar, leading to obesity and other health issues if fed excessively.

In the world of bearded dragons, variety is key when it comes to diet. While I have established that bearded dragons can indeed eat grapes, it’s essential to know that these delightful reptiles can and should enjoy a variety of fruits. 

So, you might also be wondering, “What fruits can bearded dragons eat?”

Different Grape Varieties: Which Ones Can Bearded Dragons Eat?

When it comes to feeding your bearded dragon, you might be wondering about the various types of grapes available

“Can bearded dragons eat red grapes?” or “Can bearded dragons eat green grapes?” may be some of the questions in your mind.

Bearded dragon eating green grapes. This is an answer to question Can bearded dragons eat green grapes?

Let’s dive into the different grape varieties and their suitability for your scaly friend.

  • Red Grapes: Yes, bearded dragons can eat red grapes. They are safe and can provide hydration and vitamins like their green counterparts. Remember to wash them thoroughly to remove pesticides and cut them into small pieces, especially for younger dragons.
  • Green Grapes: Green grapes are also safe for bearded dragons. They have a slightly tart taste compared to red grapes, offering some variety. The same rules apply – wash thoroughly and cut into manageable pieces.
  • Purple Grapes: If you’re wondering, “Can bearded dragons eat purple grapes?” the answer is yes. Purple grapes are safe for bearded dragons. They tend to be larger than red or green grapes, so slice them into appropriately sized pieces.

Seedless vs. Seeded: Both seedless and seeded grapes are okay for bearded dragons. 

However, seedless grapes are often preferred as they are easier to eat and pose less of a choking hazard. If you only have access to seeded grapes, try to remove the seeds before feeding them to your bearded dragon.

In conclusion, bearded dragons can enjoy a variety of grape types as long as they are correctly prepared. Remember to offer grapes as a treat, not a staple, due to their high sugar content.

Benefits of Grapes For Bearded Dragons

Grapes can be a beneficial part of a bearded dragon’s diet when fed in moderation.

Here’s why:

  • Hydration: Grapes have a high water content, which can help keep your bearded dragon hydrated.
  • Vitamins: Grapes are rich in vitamins, especially Vitamin C, which is important for a bearded dragon’s overall health.
  • Variety: Bearded dragons enjoy a varied diet, and grapes can add a different texture and flavor to their food mix.

Although, it’s important to remember that while grapes can be beneficial, they should not make up a large portion of a bearded dragon’s diet due to their high sugar content.

“Too much sugar can lead to health issues like obesity and tooth decay.”

Mike Thompson advice

Preparing the grapes properly before feeding them to your bearded dragon is also crucial. 

For more information on bearded dragon nutrition and the benefits of various foods, you may want to consult reputable resources such as the Reptiles Magazine’s Bearded Dragon Care Sheet

This guide provides comprehensive information on caring for bearded dragons, including their dietary needs.

Can Baby Bearded Dragons Eat Grapes?

What about the little ones? “Can Baby Bearded Dragons Eat Grapes?” you might ask. Yes, baby bearded dragons can eat grapes, but cutting the grapes into small, manageable pieces is essential to prevent choking.

Baby bearded dragons with a grapes

Let me share a little story about my own bearded dragon, Spike. When Spike was just a baby, he was quite the curious little creature, always eager to try new things. 

One day, I brought home a bunch of fresh, juicy grapes, wondering, “Can baby bearded dragons eat grapes?”

I didn’t want to risk Spike’s health, so I decided to do some research first. According to an article on, baby bearded dragons can eat grapes, but there are some essential precautions. 

The article stressed that grapes should be cut into small, manageable pieces to prevent choking.

Armed with this knowledge, I carefully sliced a grape into tiny bits and offered it to Spike. To say Spike was thrilled would be an understatement. 

He dove right into his fruity treat, munching away with gusto. It was quite a sight, his tiny jaws working away at the small grape pieces. 

It’s a memory I still cherish, reminding me of Spike’s adventurous spirit and introduction to new flavors.

From then on, grapes became a part of Spike’s diet, although always in moderation.

This experience taught me that while baby bearded dragons can eat grapes, it’s important always to ensure they are cut into tiny pieces to prevent any choking risk. 

Bearded dragon spike resting on Mikes shoulder.

Remember, the reaction of bearded dragons can vary – what Spike loved, another dragon might not, and that’s perfectly okay. Always introduce new foods slowly and watch for any adverse reactions.

Are Grapes Good for Bearded Dragons?

When fed in moderation, grapes can be a healthy part of a bearded dragon’s diet. They provide hydration and vitamins, particularly vitamin C. 

However, grapes should be considered a treat, not a primary food source.

How to Feed Grapes to Your Bearded Dragon

Offering grapes to your bearded dragon involves more than just placing a whole grape in their enclosure. 

How to Feed Grapes to Your Bearded Dragon
To make sure your bearded dragon can safely enjoy this juicy treat, follow these steps:
Choose the Right Grapes
Both red and green grapes are safe for bearded dragons. Just make sure they are fresh and free from mold or other signs of spoilage.
Wash Thoroughly
Grapes can often have traces of pesticides or other chemicals on their skin. Rinse them thoroughly under cold water to remove any potential contaminants.
Slice the Grapes
This is especially important for baby bearded dragons, but it’s good practice for adult dragons too. Cut the grapes into small pieces that your bearded dragon can easily manage. This helps prevent choking and makes the grapes easier for your dragon to
Offer the Grapes
Place the sliced grapes in your bearded dragon’s food dish. If your dragon has never eaten grapes before, offer just one or two pieces to start with and observe their reaction.
Monitor Your Dragon
After your bearded dragon has eaten the grapes, keep an eye on them. Look for any signs of discomfort or digestive issues. If your dragon seems fine and enjoys the grapes, you can add this fruit to their list of occasional treats.
Clean Up
Remove any uneaten grapes from your dragon’s enclosure to prevent spoilage.

I found this interesting video about Feefing Grapes to Bearded Dragons.

Feeding Grapes to Bearded Dragons

How Many Grapes Is Safe To Feed?

A good rule of thumb is one or two small grapes per week for an adult bearded dragon. Remember, they love variety in their diet, so mix it up with other fruits and veggies.

Pro Tip from a Bearded Dragon Owner: As a long-time bearded dragon owner, my advice is to limit the quantity and pay attention to the size of the grapes you’re feeding your pet. Consider cutting the grapes into quarters instead of halves if they are large. This makes them easier to eat and digest. As always, being safe is better than being sorry about your beloved pet’s health.

Pro Tip from Mike

How Often Can Bearded Dragons Eat Grapes?

Now that you know they can eat grapes, you might be wondering, “how often to offer grapes?” It’s best to offer grapes as a treat about once a week. This frequency ensures your bearded dragon doesn’t consume too much sugar.

Age GroupFrequency of Feeding Grapes
Hatchlings (0-2 months)Once every two weeks (in tiny pieces)
Juveniles (2-7 months)Once a week (in small pieces)
Subadults (7-18 months)Once a week
Adults (18+ months)Once a week
This table provides a general guideline adapted from Furthermore, the table shows how often you can offer grapes to your bearded dragon, given their age. 

Remember, each bearded dragon is unique and may have different dietary needs and preferences. 

Always monitor your pet’s reaction to new foods and adjust their diet as needed.

Lastly, remember that grapes and other fruits should make up only a small portion of your bearded dragon’s diet. Most of their bearded dragon food should consist of vegetables and insects. 

If you’re unsure about your bearded dragon’s diet or how to introduce new foods, consult a vet or a bearded dragon expert.

Your pet’s health and well-being should always be the top priority.

Frequent Questions About Feeding Grapes To Bearded Dragons

Is A Little Grape Juice Ok for Bearded Dragons?

Can bearded dragons have a little grape juice? Technically, yes. But it’s best to stick with fresh grapes. Juice often contains added sugars and lacks the dietary fiber found in whole grapes.

Can Bearded Dragons Eat Grapes with Skin?

Yes, bearded dragons can eat grapes with skin. But always wash the grapes thoroughly to remove any pesticides or chemicals. If the grape is too large, cut it into smaller pieces.

Are Grapes Poisonous to Bearded Dragons?

No, grapes are not poisonous to bearded dragons. However, “can a bearded dragon eat a whole grape?” is a different question. For smaller dragons, a whole grape might be too big, and it’s always safer to cut it into manageable pieces.

Do Baby Bearded Dragons Eat Grapes?

Yes, baby bearded dragons can eat grapes, but they must be cut into very tiny pieces due to their small size. Interestingly, baby bearded dragons tend to be more carnivorous and gradually become more herbivorous as they age.


In conclusion, bearded dragons can enjoy grapes – red, green, or even purple. Whether you have a baby or an adult dragon, remember to serve grapes and other treats in moderation. Too much of a good thing can quickly become a not-so-good thing. Happy feeding!

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I'm Mike, a passionate bearded dragon owner and knowledgeable enthusiast with over a decade of experience caring for these amazing reptiles. My dedication to providing the best care for my scaly companions has led me to become well-versed in bearded dragon care, including their dietary needs and preferences. Sharing my experiences and knowledge with fellow bearded dragon owners is my way of helping ensure these fascinating creatures thrive in captivity.

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