Can Bearded Dragons Eat Grapes?

Bearded dragons are kind of lizards that can keep as a pet even though they are not the most sociable animal, but some people enjoy keeping them. For reptile pet lovers, here some information about food that is good for bearded dragons. Why? Because people think that feeding bearded dragons are tricky. Bearded dragons are a bit picky when it comes to eating.  So, some people asked can bearded dragons eat grapes? Here is your answer for you.

Give Grapes to Bearded Dragons Occasionally

In this case, you have already known that keeping a bearded dragon is a bit challenging. You should know what kind of food you should give and not. Beardie often prefers fruits to vegetables. You can feed this pet lizard a grape, but not every day.

This sour fruit can be really bad for them if you serve it every day. So, you should give this fruit in moderation. Grapes can be really good for humans to consume every day, but for bearded dragons, it is not recommended.

Grapes Contain High Sugar And Acid

Now you may ask again, can bearded dragons eat grapes? There are several reasons why grapes can be bad for your beloved dragon. Here are the reasons you should know.

First, grapes contain high fiber which is good for bearded dragons. Yet, too much sugar and acid in grapes can be troublesome for this gentle creature. You can give this small rounded fruit for bearded dragon twice in a week. Because giving Beardie a high exposure to sugar and acid will make your pet overweight.

Second, grapes have high water content. Water is good for bearded dragons. However, consuming too much will be bad for them. They are originated from woodland areas in Australia, so they do not need much water.

The answers can Bearded dragons eat grapes question is yes, but you should consider the amount. A cup of grapes contains over 121 grams of water which can cause diarrhea. That is why you should not give grapes every day.

Grape Seeds Can Be Harmful To Bearded Dragons

Some of you may think that grape seeds are okay for bearded dragons. It will okay for humans because the seeds will be processed in our digestion.

Unfortunately, this green animal cannot process the seeds because they may have a bowel movement problem. As long as you know how to prepare grapes, it is not a big deal for you to keep the bearded dragon in your house.

Just like the answer to can bearded dragons eat grapes, then do not forget to get rid of the seed first.

Those are important things you should know if you want to feed grapes for bearded dragons. The owners have to be careful when giving grapes. You have already known that too many grapes can be bad for their health.

But it doesn’t mean you should not give it to them. It is not dangerous if you feed a few grapes twice in a week. Do not forget to remove the seeds. Wash the grape cleanly and make sure it doesn’t have any dangerous subtract.

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