Can Bearded Dragons Eat Tomatoes? Highest-Level Vitamin A

If you look to breaded dragons, you may find it easy to maintain. But the fact, the dragon has a specialty to be treated. Even they easily pet, but their diet is quite to understand. Talking about the food treat, you may be particular wonder fruit should be eaten or avoid it.  Always be fed to bearded dragons as part of a diet and not as an only source of nutrition. If you ask can bearded dragons eat tomatoes, the answers are yes, below is an explanation for you.

The Highest-Level Vitamin A in Tomatoes

Many sources say that tomatoes are high in vitamin A. It is reducing the immune system and healthy vision. The dragon is allowed to complete their dietary necessities by this nutrient. Another reason why to understand nutrition to complete a daily basis of their health.

You don’t need to feed them a lot of foods with high vitamin A at the same time. However, if you give the other multivitamin supplement you just simply have to balance the bearded dragon’s diet.

Tomatoes Have Low Sugar Content

Can bearded dragons eat tomatoes? Yes, most fruit contains a high sugar level that can only be offered sparingly. One of the significant advantages of giving your beardie tomatoes is that they are low in sugar compared to other fruits.

Many studies are showing that tomatoes only have 2.63g of sugar 100g, and it is deficient for your bearded dragon. Too much sugar can cause many complications for beardies such as obesity, sickness, and other diseases.

The Benefit Possibilities from Tomatoes

One thing you should know that you have a pet is the food to consume. For the breaded dragon, particular fruit is bad for them in their life. Which means just certain fruits can be eaten.

They caused many owners to ask about can bearded dragons eat tomatoes safely? As part of a healthy and balanced diet, tomatoes can be consumed occasionally. Because this plant has high in vitamin A and low in toxins such as oxalic acid. It can be fulfilling the dragon nutritional needed.

How to Prepare Tomatoes for Bearded Dragon

  • The first step you need to do is washing the tomatoes cleanly. It is essential to make the foods are free herbicides and pesticides.
  • The second way you should keep the tomatoes freshly. You don’t need to cook the tomatoes. It decreases the nutritional value of this fruit. This step must be followed by chopped up into small chunks or cubes.

Can bearded dragons eat tomatoes? Tomatoes should be used on salad topper to attract your beardie into wondering over to their bowl.

Even though tomatoes offer healthy amounts of vitamin A, it’s not recommended that you feed tomatoes to your bearded dragon every day.  Taking consideration of that, experts recommend that only 10% of your dragon’s diet should come from fruit.

They say that you only feed tomatoes to your bearded dragon around once a month is the best period. This way should follow by complete the other vitamin essentials such as leafy greens and veggies.

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